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Customer repurchase丨Yifang GS210M dynamic volume measurement DWS, efficient warehouse operation!

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-11-26 17:58

Background of the project

The object of this cooperation is an old customer of foreign technology, an international logistics company. The company’s main business projects are: international freight forwarding, domestic trade, cargo import and export, and international delivery services. Usually it needs to handle a large number of small, medium and large packages and cargo. .

Project status

The enterprise warehouse collects the volume, weight and barcode information of small cargo, medium cargo and large cargo packages. At first, it manually collected and entered the management system manually. Later, it purchased GS210B, GS210Y, and GS300mini static cargo data collection equipment from Yifang Technology. mention liters operational efficiency, so that each piece cargo data information can be effective records management.
  • GS210B : Desktop design, can measure ultra-thin small and medium-sized goods, starting from 1mm

  • GS210Y : It can measure small and medium goods in the range of 5*5*5~80*80*80cm, and the measuring range can be adjusted through the telescopic bracket.

  • GS300mini : Multi-lens matrix design, can measure large convex hulls over 1.1*1*1m, with high accuracy and fast speed

With the continuous development of business and more and more logistics packages, the original static cargo data collection equipment can no longer meet the needs of daily operations. The company wants to invest in another automated data collection equipment and consult with foreign technology again.

Project proposals

Taking into account that most of the customers’ goods are small and medium packages, with regular, irregular and soft packages, the technical staff of Yifang Technology recommended the GS210M dynamic cargo data collection equipment for the customer after on-site inspection:
GS210M is a new generation of dynamic visual DWS equipment developed by Yifang Technology. It is specially built for assembly lines and warehousing logistics centers. It can complete "measurement + weighing + scanning + photographing + calculation + system docking" in one step , satisfying logistics, packaging and warehousing. Strict dynamic size identification requirements in other fields.
Yifang Technology GS210M has become one of the most popular data collection DWS equipment for many cross-border e-commerce, international freight forwarders and other enterprises due to its high precision, high cost performance, and high performance .

Project effectiveness

At present, GS210M dynamic data collection equipment has been put into use in customer warehouses, which can reach 1,800 tickets/hour, which can easily meet the increasing demand for data collection of parcels, and the benefits are very obvious:
  • Data can be collected dynamically for all types of goods

  • Speed ​​up to 1800 tickets/hour

  • Measurement data accuracy can reach millimeter level

  • Reduce labor input and cost


for example

To complete the data collection of 6000 cargoes, it originally took 5 labors and 10 hours to complete, but after the GS210M was put into use, it only took 3.3 hours to complete the data collection with the assistance of one employee , and the work efficiency was greatly improved.
Calculated based on an employee’s salary of 6,000 yuan/month, the accumulated cost of employees can be saved in one year: 6,000*12*4=288,000 yuan


Yifang Technology's volume measurement equipment can effectively help companies free their employees' hands, reduce employment costs, improve overall operating efficiency, and promote economic efficiency. It has been favored by the majority of logistics colleagues. The products have been exported to 13 countries in Europe, Asia and America. Region, if you are interested, please contact us backstage!



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