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Case | Yifang Technology's "baggage measuring instrument" is delivered to the airport, making passenger check-in more efficient!

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-12-06 16:17

The partner of Yifang Technology this time is a domestic airport, which was built in 2011 and has a designed annual throughput of hundreds of thousands of passengers. After the completion of the airport construction project, it will better meet the needs of local people and tourists from other places to facilitate travel. .

Project status

Because the airport needs to go through various cargo packages before boarding the plane, and then the staff will measure the baggage size to determine whether it exceeds the limit. However, the airport is busy, and the disadvantages of this approach are obvious:
  • Prone to congestion and delay timeliness

  • Big baggage data collection is difficult

  • Large measurement data error and low efficiency

In order to enhance the travel experience of passengers, the airport decided to purchase an automated baggage data collection device, so it sought a solution from Yifang Technology.

Project proposals

After understanding customer needs, Yifang Technology recommended customized cargo data collection equipment for customers:

The device can quickly collect the size information and weight information of the baggage package within 1-2s, and match the information in real time, make an early warning, and quickly distinguish the goods that can be carried on board and those that need to be checked in.

Project effectiveness

At present, the customized baggage data collection equipment has been delivered to the airport, and the overall effect is obvious:
  • Fast collection of cargo data information

  • One-click payment for oversized goods

  • Improved efficiency and high customer satisfaction


for example


Originally, the baggage information of customers was collected manually. Assuming that there are 50 passengers ready to check in, at a collection speed of 30s/piece, it takes 25 minutes to complete;


After the equipment is put into use, the baggage package length, width and height data are automatically collected. The collection speed is 2s/piece, and other comprehensive time losses are included. All baggage inspections can be completed in less than 5 minutes .

After detecting that the cargo exceeds the limit, passengers can directly and quickly go through the consignment procedures, one-click payment , and the combination of high-tech intelligent equipment and the airport consignment system will bring passengers a brisk travel experience.



This is Yifang's first domestic airport baggage automatic measurement case. According to customer needs, it provides a customized cargo data collection program, which is widely praised by customers.



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