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GS210M multi-faceted scanning code solution, collect cargo information efficiently in all directions!

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-12-10 16:03

Project Background

The customer of this cooperation with Yifang Technology is a Sino-foreign joint venture in Shanghai, which has many subsidiaries in China. Its main business includes sales of electrical equipment, electromechanical equipment, household appliances, hardware and electrical appliances, and import and export of goods.

Project status

In the customer warehouse, there are a large number of goods ready to be exported overseas. These goods need to manually measure the length, width, height, weight and other related data, and then enter the data into the management system, and then perform classification management.
The traditional manual method of manually collecting cargo information currently has many disadvantages:
  • Manual manual collection and sorting operations, low efficiency
  • Manual measurement and input system, with large errors
  • High personnel input and high labor cost
As the business continues to expand, more labor costs need to be invested to meet the development needs of the company. The company hopes to have a set of automation solutions that support multi-faceted code scanning, and achieve efficient cargo information collection and sorting. It has been learned through multiple channels. Fang Technology is leading the industry in the field of intelligent cargo data collection, so it turned to Yifang Technology for help.

Project proposals

After detailed communication with customers, Yifang Technology has formulated a set of intelligent solutions for customers according to their actual needs, including data collection, multi-face scanning, photographing, and system docking functions, which have been unanimously recognized by the customers:

Goodscan 210M is a brand-new dynamic vision DWS system, which provides customers with a dynamic cargo information collection solution with the best cost performance. It can be connected to the assembly line for automatic transmission. It only takes 1s to quickly collect regular/irregular cargo information, realizing "measurement + weighing" in one step +Scan code + photo + system docking" , instead of manual operation, improve work efficiency.

Project effectiveness

After the equipment is customized, it will be installed and debugged on site by the technical staff of Yifang Technology. At present, the equipment has been put into use in the warehouse normally.
The customer said that compared with the previous manual work, automated data collection has brought a new look to the warehouse:
  • One-click data collection, sorting, and system docking
  • As fast as 1-2s/piece, the workload per unit time increases
  • Millimeter level accuracy, small data error
 for example 
It was originally scheduled to complete the data collection of 6000 packages of goods, which required 5 labors, calculated at 30s/piece, and took 10 hours to complete.
After the equipment is put into use, it only needs the assistance of 1 employee , and it takes only 3.3 hours to complete the calculation based on 2s/piece .
Taken together, it can reduce the labor input of 4 people, calculated based on a monthly salary of 6,000 yuan, and can save customers labor costs in one year: 6000*4*12=288,000 yuan
Yifang Technology’s customized cargo information collection program effectively meets the actual needs of customers, not only saves labor costs, but also improves operating efficiency, and the overall economic benefits of the company are also simultaneously improved.
As a national high-tech enterprise, Yifang Technology has been deeply involved in the field of cargo volume measurement for many years. It currently has more than 80 patents and software. The Goodscan series of 3D visual volume measurement equipment developed by its subsidiary provides efficient cargo information for the industry. The collection plan helps companies reduce labor costs, improve operational efficiency, and achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.



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