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GS210M dynamic measurement program, data collection before and after the cargo is sealed

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-12-17 16:42

Project Background

The client is a listed company in the manufacturing field, which mainly produces products such as power transmission and distribution and control equipment, electronic power devices, industrial automation control system devices, and provides products and solutions for smart grid companies, new energy power generation companies, and large industrial users.

Project status

In the customer’s distribution warehouse, the goods need to be photographed and archived before the box is sealed. After the box is sealed, the length, width and height of the goods need to be measured manually by a ruler and the volume, weighing and photographing are calculated, and then the collected data are entered into the management system one by one.
Traditional manual work
With the deepening of business, more and more goods need to be processed every day. In order to save labor costs and improve operating efficiency, the company decided to adopt automated data collection equipment. After many comparisons, the automation solution provided by Yifang Technology is cost-effective. The period is short, which meets the needs of the company's daily operations.

Project proposals

Yifang Technology has formulated a data collection plan of "GS210M + camera platform" combined with the actual operating scenarios of customers. Before the goods are packaged, they can be photographed and archived by the camera platform. After packaging and sealing, they will be transferred to the GS210M equipment via a conveyor belt to collect volume, weight and barcode information. Data can be connected to the customer management system in real time.
A ramp drum is added at the end of the equipment to facilitate operation
Multi-operation consoles work together to improve efficiency
GS210M is a data collection DWS specially developed for dynamic assembly lines. It uses advanced 3D vision technology to measure regular boxes and irregular goods. The fastest can achieve 1800 tickets/hour . Compared with manual data collection, the efficiency can be increased by 15 times .

Project effectiveness

After the GS210M volume measurement equipment is put into use, it can be completed in one-stop by taking photos and archiving before sealing, sealing the box, and collecting data after sealing. The actual effect exceeds customer expectations:
  • High data collection efficiency

  • Reduce labor input and cost

  • The error rate is reduced, and the company's benefits are optimized

Yifang Technology has customized a data collection program based on the actual needs of customers, helping the company solve the current problems of high employment costs and low operating efficiency, and further optimize the economic benefits of the company.
-for example-
Originally, it took 2 minutes/piece to complete the photographing, packing, data collection, and archiving of the goods by manual operations ; but after adopting the automated data collection solution, it only takes 30s/piece to complete, and the operation efficiency is increased by 4 times .
Due to the improvement of efficiency, completing the same amount of work can reduce 3/4 of the labor input, reduce labor costs, and significantly improve benefits.

Yifang Technology's Goodscan series products integrate 3D measurement, computer vision, photogrammetry, remote sensing, 3D modeling and other technologies, which can measure not only regular boxes but also irregular objects, providing the industry with an efficient cargo data collection program , To help companies achieve a series of innovation and development goals such as reducing measurement costs, improving logistics efficiency, and logistics intelligence.
Up to now, Yifang Technology's volume measurement equipment has been sold to 13 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Japan, Britain, Germany, and Italy, and its products are widely favored by customers!



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