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The foreign-funded enterprise GS210B Plus delivered full data acquisition equipment, with high accuracy and fast speed!

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-12-25 10:43

Project Background

The customer is an international general-purpose equipment manufacturing company with subsidiaries in many countries. Its main business includes: pneumatic mechanical component manufacturing, motor manufacturing, industrial parts processing, and import and export of goods, etc., which play a pivotal role in the entire pneumatic industry.

Project status

The customer warehouse stores a large number of mechanical parts. These parts need to collect information such as length, width, height, volume, and weight before packing, and output bar codes to complete the system storage docking.
Since most of the mechanical parts have irregular shapes, and the company has high requirements on the accuracy of the length, width, height, volume and weight of the collected parts, traditional manual collection can no longer meet the needs of current business development, so it is ready to introduce automated data collection equipment. After a comprehensive comparison, the high-precision cargo data collection program provided by Yifang Technology is very suitable for the application scenarios of the enterprise, and the two parties began to cooperate.

Project proposals

According to the actual scene of the enterprise warehouse, combined with the needs of measuring irregular parts and small and medium-sized box packages, Yifang Technology recommended the solution of the GS210B Plus weighing and scanning code integrated machine for customers:
GS210B Plus site installation and delivery

Place the irregular mechanical parts in the measurement area of ​​GS210B Plus, and it only takes 1s to quickly collect information such as volume, weight, and barcode. The measurement accuracy is up to millimeter level. The data can be displayed on the system panel, which is helpful for carton selection, packaging, and weight. Measure and calculate freight, optimize storage space.

Project effectiveness

At present, GS210B Plus cargo data collection equipment has been delivered to customers. Whether it is measuring irregular mechanical parts or measuring regular small and medium-sized packages, cargo data can be collected with one button, synchronized docking system, and obvious gains:
  • High data collection accuracy and fast speed

  • Measurable regular/irregular products with small errors

  • Support docking management system to realize information sharing


for example


Collecting the data information of 5000 mechanical parts, manual measurement requires 5 labors, calculated at 30s/piece, it takes 8.3 hours to complete.


Automatic data collection through GS210B Plus equipment, 1 manual assistance operation, as fast as 1-2s/piece, only takes 2.7 hours to complete.

Comprehensive comparison, can reduce the labor input of 4 people, calculated based on a monthly salary of 6,000 yuan, can save customers labor costs in one year: 6000*4*12=288,000 yuan

Yifang Technology focuses on the field of cargo volume measurement and is a leading volume measurement expert in the industry. Its self-developed Goodscan series products can efficiently collect information such as cargo volume, weight, and barcode, support photographing and archiving and system docking, and help companies reduce labor Cost, improve operation efficiency.
Up to now, Yifang Technology's volume measurement equipment has been exported to 13 overseas countries and regions including the United States, Japan, Britain, Germany, and Italy, and is favored by customers at home and abroad.



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