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GS300MAX bulk measurement solution, one-click collection of furniture data!

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-12-28 17:44

Project Background

The client is a furniture manufacturing enterprise in Guangdong Province, mainly engaged in furniture production and furniture sales and other related businesses.

Project status

A large number of furniture products are stacked in the customer's warehouse. These products need to be manually measured with a ruler, take pictures manually, and then manually enter the acquired data into the management system.
Because furniture is a large item, it occupies a large area and has a large weight, and the efficiency of manual collection of furniture data is low. The company wants to adopt an automated furniture data collection device. After many comparisons, it collects bulk data provided by Yifang Technology. The plan is very satisfactory.

Project proposals

Through on-site visits to customers, the technical staff of Yifang Technology learned that most of the customer's warehouse goods are more than 1m in length and width, so they recommended the GS300MAX bulk cargo data collection program for the customer.
Picture: GS300MAX site installation and delivery

Project effectiveness

After the GS300MAX bulk cargo data collection equipment is put into use, it can measure cargo with a size of 60*60*60cm-180*180*200cm. Compared with previous manual operations, the benefits are significantly improved:
  • One-key collection of furniture data with millimeter accuracy

  • The speed is as fast as 2s/piece, and the work efficiency is improved

  • One-click docking with enterprise management system, reducing errors


Yifang Technology has now launched more than ten types of equipment in three series , Goodscan100, Goodscan200, and Goodscan300 . The service industries cover many fields such as manufacturing, logistics and transportation, e-commerce, medical care, and trade. According to their different links and characteristics, they provide complete Cargo data collection program and technical support.



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