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The intelligent measurement and sorting line of Yifang Technology, packaged and shipped overseas

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-01-06 16:48

Project Background

The client is an international logistics company in California, USA. It was originally established in Taiwan, China. Its main business is international logistics transportation and trade services. For many years, it has been providing various logistics services for Chinese in the United States. Because of its excellent international trade capabilities and professional logistics The team is trusted and recognized by users.

Project status

In the customer’s warehouse, a large number of goods are stacked and ready to be transported to other countries. These goods need to manually collect the volume, weight and barcode information of the goods before packing, and enter the data into the system to better distinguish between dumping and shipping. Heavy cargo, reasonable distribution of transportation methods.
With the continuous expansion of business, more and more goods are stacked in the warehouse, and the speed of manual data collection of goods cannot meet the current needs. The company decided to introduce an automated data collection device to improve the efficiency of logistics operations. Through multi-channel comparison, Yifang Technology provides The dynamic vision DWS data acquisition program is the most cost-effective.

Project proposals

Combining with the needs of the company for dynamic measurement of small and medium-sized goods, the technical staff of the foreign party recommended the GS210GP dynamic data DWS equipment for the customer:
Picture: GS210GP parameter function
Yifang GS210GP is a new generation of fast dynamic vision DWS equipment, supports docking conveyor belts, sorting machines, the speed can reach 1800 tickets / hour, one step to achieve "measurement + weighing + scan code + camera + system docking" and other functions, to meet The needs of logistics, warehousing, and supermarkets for dynamic size identification have been favored by many logistics companies for their advantages of high precision, high cost performance, and high performance.

Equipment delivery

After finalizing the cooperation with the customer, the technicians from the foreign party quickly completed the equipment installation and software debugging, and the whole machine was packaged and sent to California:
Picture: Warehouse packaged and shipped
At present, Yifang Technology's volume measuring equipment has been widely used in logistics, warehousing, supermarkets and other fields, and has cooperated with internationally renowned companies such as JD, Debon, Yonghui, DHL, etc. With the continuous expansion of business, it has now gone abroad and sold In 13 countries and regions around the world, including Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, more and more companies have achieved the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency through volume measurement equipment.



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