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Yifang Technology Belt Quickly measures small bags/soft bags/ultra-thin goods, and promotes efficient in-out and out-of-stock management of goods in e-commerce enterprises!

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-03-09 17:48

  Background of the project

  The customer is a comprehensive e-commerce company in Japan. The warehouse has a large number of small and medium commodities. Every day, the warehouse personnel need to collect the information of each commodity, complete the warehousing and delivery of the commodities, and then distribute them to consumers through local logistics.

  Project status

  The warehouse personnel collect the information of the goods by measuring the length, width and height with a drawing ruler, collecting the weight with an electronic scale, and finally completing the warehouse entry and exit through barcode recognition. This method not only requires more labor costs, but also has large errors in the measurement data, and affects the The efficiency of goods in and out of the warehouse.




  Due to the large number of small and soft packaged goods, it is difficult to collect information such as size and weight manually. The company hopes to have an automatic data collection fast hand, which can efficiently obtain various data of the goods. After multi-channel comparison, Yifang Technology The provided data collection Kuaishou can accurately collect information such as the volume, weight and barcode of the cargo package, which meets the actual needs of the enterprise.

  Project proposals

  According to customer requirements, it is necessary to purchase a piece of equipment with an accuracy error of ±10mm and a data collection speed of 1800 pieces/hour. We recommend to the customer the belt quick-hand-mounted camera lens independently developed by Yifang, which only needs one human assistance. Quickly collect information such as size, volume, weight and barcode of goods.




  Warehouse installation and debugging

  After installation and debugging, the actual measurement accuracy can reach ±5mm, 2100 pieces/hour, which meets the customer's expectations. After verification and confirmation, the whole machine is packaged and sent to Japan.

  Project effectiveness

  After the customer's equipment is put into use, the operation scene and efficiency have been greatly improved:

  Reduced staff input and labor costs

  Automated operations, efficient data collection

  Box, soft bag, ultra-thin can be measured

  Accurate dimensional data, precision in millimeters

  Take the collection of 6000 pieces of cargo data as an example:

  Manually collect various data of the goods. Calculated by 30s/piece, it takes 5 labors and takes 10 hours to complete; through Yifang Technology belt fast-hand equipment, only one person is needed to assist the operation, and the speed can reach 2100 pieces/hour , the comprehensive time can be completed in 2.85 hours, which not only reduces the labor cost, but also greatly improves the operation efficiency.

  Calculated according to the monthly salary of 6,000 yuan, the cost can be saved in one year: 4*6000*12=288,000 yuan

  As a leading volume measurement and calculation expert in the industry, Yifang Technology is making every effort to build an e-commerce and logistics platform. Through Goodscan as the data acquisition portal, it vigorously promotes "logistics information front-end"; at the same time, combined with AI intelligence, through data simulation, analysis and modeling Provide warehousing and intelligent supply chain solutions to help the logistics industry reduce costs and improve efficiency, promote the transformation of China's smart logistics, and empower the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry.



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