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Customer case丨Huzhou customer purchases GS210GP

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-04-20 17:46

Zhejiang Zibuyu E-commerce Co., Ltd. is an established e-commerce company founded in 2011, mainly engaged in daily necessities such as clothing, apparel, luggage, etc., and subsequently established Zibuyu Supply Chain Company with dozens of subsidiaries .




The partner of this cooperation is Huzhou Zibuyu Supply Chain Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in supply chain management, international and domestic freight forwarding services, warehousing management, warehousing services, etc.


Project status


The company was established in December 2020 as a new subsidiary of Hangzhou Zibuyu E-commerce Co., Ltd., and is in the preparatory stage for the new establishment.


Project requirements


Drawing on the experience of subsidiaries in several other cities, taking full account of factors such as manpower input, operation efficiency, and access speed, the following requirements are made for the equipment:


  • Can measure the volume and weight of regular/irregular goods, and place them arbitrarily

  • Automatic measurement, reducing manual intervention

  • Accurate measurement data, label management can be generated

  • Data can be connected to internal systems and can be exported for analysis



After on-site investigation by our personnel, a solution for the Goodscan210GP fast dynamic vision DWS system was given, and professionals were sent to commission it.




After the on-site professional debugging is completed, the relevant staff of the client have been trained, and they are now able to operate the equipment proficiently.


Project effectiveness


After the adoption of the new equipment, the actual effect has fully reached the customer's expectations:


  • High degree of automation, less manual input

  • Measurable regular/irregular objects

  • Fast measurement speed, accurate data, accurate to the millimeter level

  • One-click data connection to the system, exportable to Excel

  • Able to reasonably plan storage and improve storage utilization

At present, Yifang Technology Goodscan210GP fast dynamic vision DWS equipment has been delivered to normal use, the effect is obvious, and the customers are satisfied.


Yifang Technology is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of cargo measurement. The self-developed Goodscan series of products integrate 3D measurement, computer vision, photogrammetry, 3D modeling and other technologies, which can quickly and accurately collect data and achieve "quantity" in one step. Fang + Weighing + Scanning Code + Photographing + Calculation + System Docking", and dozens of products have been certified by national authorities for their measurement accuracy.



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