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Medical丨The pallet bulk cargo information collection project-GS300Pro and GS210Y successfully landed! Background of the project

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-10-15 17:05

  The target of this cooperation is a medical device manufacturing company, which is mainly engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of medical devices, the research and development and sales of biological reagents, import and export of goods and related supporting businesses.

Project status

  The customer’s goods are mostly large pallets, and a small number of small and medium-sized goods. The operation process is roughly by manually collecting information such as the volume and weight of the goods, manually entering the collected data into the internal ERP system; then packaging the goods as a whole to reduce the transportation process The loss.

  Existing shortcomings: manual data collection is difficult and low efficiency; large-scale surveying personnel invest a lot and the cost is high; data cannot be directly connected to the system, and the error rate of manual data upload is high.

  I hope there is an automated equipment that can assist the volume weight collection of large and small pallets with a volume error of no more than 3% and a weight error of ±0.5kg. The collected data can be automatically connected to the internal system and then assisted in the completion of the packaging of the goods.


  Through on-site inspection, it was found that customers have large and small cargoes, and some irregular goods. In order to improve the efficiency of cargo collection, we provide customers with GS300Max pallet large cargo measurement and GS210Y small and medium cargo measurement classification collection solutions (as shown on the left)

  GS300Max super large cargo whole pallet measurement DWS is suitable for large cargo measurement in logistics outlets and warehouse pallets. It adopts multi-lens joint measurement, high precision and fast efficiency, can store photos in high-definition, and supports data upload.

  GS210Y is an intelligent collection device for all cargo data, suitable for small and medium-sized cargo measurement. It can realize "measurement + weighing + scan code + photo + upload" with one key, the height of the table and the measurement range are adjustable, and it supports system docking and data upload.

  Because the customer has packaging requirements, a stretch film machine was added to assist bulk packaging:

Project effectiveness

  After the equipment is put into use, the company's goods are collected by size classification, GS300Max collects large goods, GS210Y collects small and medium goods and irregular goods, the effect comparison is much improved before the release:

  Easy collection of large cargo, small and medium cargo and irregular soft package cargo information

  Accurate data, measurement error up to millimeter level, weight error ±0.5kg

  Through port docking, data synchronization upload to the ERP system is realized

  Manually assisted stretch film machine can automatically complete the packing of goods

  If your company also has requirements related to volume measurement of goods, you can contact Yifang Technology. As the industry's leading volume measurement expert, we are committed to helping companies in various fields to achieve efficient cargo information collection, helping companies save costs and improve efficiency.



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