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Yifang GS210GP customized volume measurement equipment was delivered, and the company reduced costs and increased efficiency and speeded up the upgrade!

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-10-19 16:29


Background of the project

The client is an IoT technology company integrating R&D, production and sales, focusing on the development of IoT middleware, providing enterprises and users with end-to-end IoT overall solutions.
The equipment purchased this time will be used in the warehouse to collect information such as the volume, weight, and barcode of the product, to assist in the rapid storage and delivery of the product, and to synchronize the information to the management system in real time.


Project status

There are a lot of goods in and out of the customer warehouse every day, and it is necessary to collect information such as the volume, weight, and barcode of each product. Previously, manual operations have been used, and there are many problems:
  • Many manual measurement procedures and time-consuming

  • More labor input and high overall cost

  • Manual measurement, large data error

  • Low work efficiency, unable to meet daily needs

The customer found Yifang Technology by searching for volume measurement equipment on the Internet, and communicated relevant needs with our staff.


Project proposals


After preliminary communication, we learned that most of the customer's goods are regular box goods, including small and medium-sized boxes and long box goods.


After the staff came to visit and understand the actual situation, we recommended the GS210GP dynamic cargo data collection program for the customer.


Picture: GS210GP
Knowing that there are still some long-shaped goods in the customer's warehouse, the existing standard GS210GP cannot meet the needs, so we provide customers with customized solutions.

Customized GS210GP, supports:


  • Standard cabinet measurement

  • Long cabinet measurement

  • Convex Hull Cargo Measurement


Can meet the daily operation needs of enterprises


◀Left picture: Rules and long goods measurement



Project effectiveness

At present, Yifang Technology GS210GP dynamic volume measurement equipment has been delivered to customers:
The actual effect of customer feedback is as follows:
  • Data collection takes less time and work is more efficient

  • Less labor input and cost reduction

  • The measurement accuracy is high, and the error is small compared with the actual

  • Measurable long cargo

for example
Originally complete the data collection of 600 pieces of goods, put in 2 manual operations, and it takes 2.5 hours to calculate according to 30 seconds/piece ; while collecting data through GS210GP, 2 seconds/piece, it only takes 20 minutes to complete the data collection of all goods , Which greatly saves time and cost.

Calculated on a monthly salary of 6000 yuan, the cost of 2 employees can be saved a year: 2*6000*12= 144000 yuan

With the rapid development of the logistics industry today, labor costs are getting higher and higher, and more and more companies are beginning to transform automation to replace labor, improve corporate operating efficiency, reduce operating costs, and thereby enhance corporate comprehensive economic benefits.

As the industry's leading volume measurement expert, Yifang Technology is committed to empowering equipment with advanced 3D vision technology, providing enterprises with efficient cargo information collection solutions, and achieving the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.




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