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China Southern Airlines Baiyun International Logistics + GS210M volume measurement DWS, cost reduction and speed upgrade!

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-10-20 16:49

Background of the project

The customer of this cooperation with Yifang Technology is Guangzhou Baiyun International Logistics, which was invested and established by China Southern Airlines, hereinafter referred to as China Southern Airlines Baiyun International Logistics. The company mainly provides warehousing, transshipment, packaging, express delivery, and distribution of cargo logistics for international and domestic flights. And other services, the scope of services covers the entire Asia, Europe and the United States and other regions.
The equipment purchased this time is placed in the International Logistics Department to quickly collect information on the length, width, height and volume of the goods, and enter the data into the system in real time.

Project status

The company handles a large amount of goods every day, and most of them are medium and large goods. The manual measurement procedures are cumbersome, not only the speed is slow, but the data obtained has large errors, which brings a lot of inconvenience to logistics operations. The following points are summarized :
  • The manual measurement procedure is cumbersome and consumes a lot of time;
  • The data has a large error, which does not match the actual situation;
  • The labor input is large, and the labor cost is large;
  • Low operating efficiency, unable to cope with the increasing volume of goods;
In order to solve the above problems, the relevant person in charge of China Southern Airlines Baiyun International Logistics sought cooperation with Foreign Technology, hoping to have automated measurement equipment that can meet the needs of current logistics operations.

Project proposals

According to the needs of customers, Yifang Technology sent professionals to conduct on-site surveys, and finally customized the GS210M dynamic measurement DWS solution for China Southern Airlines Baiyun International Logistics.


Picture: Product introduction




Picture: Delivery of real shots
In order to improve the data collection speed, we have solved the difficulty of small intervals between goods through software algorithms. The measurement speed can reach up to 8000 pieces/hour , and the accuracy can be accurate to the millimeter level.

Project effectiveness

After the equipment was delivered and put into use, the overall logistics operation speed was significantly improved, and the effect was obvious:
  • It only takes 2 seconds to collect a single piece of data, which improves the efficiency;
  • The measurement speed is fast, the fastest can achieve 8000 pieces/hour;
  • Customized dual lens, high precision, millimeter-level error;
  • Reduced personnel input and labor costs;
Comparison of equipment before and after launch
for example:
Collecting the information of 1000 pieces of goods, the original manual measurement takes about 8 hours, but after adopting the GS210M dynamic assembly line volume measurement DWS of Yifang Technology, it only takes 30 minutes to complete the data collection of the goods, which increases the efficiency by about 15 times and can save 90 % Of the time.
Compared with the previous manual collection of cargo volume information, the efficiency of the new equipment has been greatly improved after it is put into use, the volume of cargo that can be processed per unit time has increased, and the economic benefits have been simultaneously improved.
Yifang Technology is committed to providing enterprises with efficient logistics solutions, replacing manual operations with machinery, and is the promoter of the transformation of traditional logistics to modern logistics, helping enterprises to achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.



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