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Logistics operating costs are increasing day by day, and automated parcel data collection equipment is widely used

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-02-12 14:53

In 2021, the freight rate of US express and parcel shipping companies will increase by 5.9%, and 2022 may usher in a year with higher freight rates, which is estimated to reach 9%.
Why are freight rates rising frequently? According to the company, the express price adjustment is to meet the customer's demand for the timeliness of the package, improve the comprehensive transportation capacity, ensure the service level, and ensure that each link can be completed at the best cost.
The rise in shipping costs in the delivery industry has really brought many benefits to companies.
The first is that the single-package revenue of express delivery companies has increased significantly year-on-year, and the comprehensive benefits of the company have been improved; the company has sufficient funds to optimize logistics services and provide a better customer experience; overloaded operation is reduced, and the company's transportation pressure is reduced.
While the unit price of express delivery is rising, how will enterprises optimize their own services?
The most important thing is to solve the current problems of high labor costs and low operational efficiency, so as to improve its own service level and provide consumers with better logistics services.
In this field, Yifang Technology has unique cost reduction and efficiency enhancement methods:
Yifang Technology is a provider of intelligent logistics data collection solutions. Its self-developed Goodscan series volume measurement equipment adopts the current mainstream 3D vision technology, which can automatically collect the volume, weight, barcode, etc. of regular/irregular and soft packaged goods Information can not only save labor costs, but also improve overall operational efficiency, help companies reduce operational costs, improve logistics efficiency, and optimize consumer experience.


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