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Thailand's leading logistics company cooperates with Cainiao to improve the schedule of logistics and warehousing automation

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-02-15 17:03

According to reports, Thailand's leading logistics company has reached a cooperation with Cainiao International to establish the largest automated warehousing system in Southeast Asia, and quickly establish a differentiated competitive advantage in the field of intelligent warehousing for enterprises.
Thailand has a consumer population of about 70 million. With the continuous development of domestic e-commerce, inefficient logistics and warehousing have become a stumbling block to hinder the development of e-commerce.
Compared with China, the logistics level in Thailand is still 5-10 years ago. Most companies use manual operations and no systematic management mode. Only a few leading logistics companies use semi-automated warehousing and logistics. system.
In China, in the event of double 11, double 12 and other e-commerce promotions, it can achieve a minute-level pickup speed, and it can be delivered to consumers in just a few hours or even tens of minutes at the fastest. Wait a week or more to receive the goods.
With the development of e-commerce, logistics and warehousing automation gradually replaces manual labor. It is estimated that by 2025, the compound annual growth rate of the global warehousing automation market will reach 11.7%, and the market share will reach 27 billion US dollars. In the Thai market, logistics automation will be a blue ocean. market.
The leading company chose to cooperate with the Cainiao Group, and took a fancy to the development of China's e-commerce. It processes hundreds of millions of parcels every day. Whether it is experience, model or technical level, it is of great help to improve the operational capability of the logistics company.
In the warehouse of a domestic e-commerce company, a piece of equipment is running non-stop. "The number of warehouse workers has been reduced, and the amount of goods that can be handled every day has doubled. The efficiency has improved, and the cost has been reduced." The warehouse supervisor said, "The automatic use of this weighing DWS equipment has greatly improved the company's economic benefits. "
Since the company adopted Yifang Technology volume measurement equipment, labor input has been reduced, and the operation efficiency has been greatly improved.
Originally, to collect the volume, weight, barcode and other information of 6,000 pieces of goods, it required 5 labors and took 10 hours; after the Yifang technology equipment was put into operation, only one person was needed to assist the operation, which took 3.3 hours to complete the operation, which not only saved labor, and improve work efficiency.


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