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Build a perfect logistics system, cargo volume measurement equipment helps logistics e-commerce efficient data collection

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-02-17 17:24

The construction of the logistics system is an important part of economic development. It is inseparable from a strong logistics system to ensure the smooth circulation of the economy, improve the level of openness, and ensure stable supply in all aspects.
At the end of 2021, the Central Work Conference emphasized "speeding up the formation of a safe and efficient logistics network with internal and external connectivity". In order to build the logistics network system, what have you done?
Road and track construction in full swing
In addition to the orderly construction of various supporting highways, various types of expressways are gradually connected, airports are increasing day by day, road and rail construction is fully promoted, and the transportation network is more complete, which is conducive to improving the level of transportation services.
International logistics remain stable and smooth
Shipping is the most common method of international logistics and transportation. It undertakes more than 95% of our country's foreign trade cargo transportation. The shipping company with the strongest comprehensive transportation capacity in the world - COSCO Shipping Group, coupled with the continuous increase of China-Europe freight trains, provides international trade logistics. Smooth flow provides a strong guarantee.
Overall, an open and shared, global, safe, reliable, and powerful international logistics supply chain system is being established at an accelerated pace. At present, my country's international waterway transportation routes cover more than 100 countries, with the highest degree of global maritime connectivity, international air cargo is available to 80 countries around the world, China-Europe freight trains connect more than 170 cities in 23 European countries, and the scope of international road transportation cooperation has expanded to 19. nation.
All-round improvement of logistics operation efficiency
During the Double Eleven period last year, thanks to the addition of an intelligent sorting line for e-commerce logistics, 80% of JD.com's orders in Urumqi achieved same-day or next-day delivery, and the logistics timeliness for delivery to various regions was also greatly shortened.
"Internal and external connectivity, safety and efficiency" put forward higher requirements for the logistics network. In addition to the relevant measures of the government, enterprises themselves need to make appropriate changes to develop.
For example, Jingdong Logistics generally recommends the construction of an automation system and replaces labor with automation equipment, which can not only improve operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, but also greatly reduce operating costs and achieve economic benefits.
As a giant in the domestic logistics industry, JD.com has been in line with international standards over the years and built its own logistics system. As a partner of JD.com Logistics, the Goodscan series of cargo volume measurement equipment developed by Yifang Technology can quickly collect the volume and weight of express parcels. It provides efficient cargo data collection solutions and makes logistics operations more efficient.


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