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How can e-commerce companies improve the efficiency of parcels entering and leaving the warehouse?

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-02-21 17:43

  In daily life, we often see couriers holding a device and scanning the code of the express package that is about to be sent or to be signed for. Do you know what kind of device this is?



  Open Baidu APP to see high-definition picturesMost couriers will be equipped with such a device, which has functions such as size measurement, weighing, barcode recognition, photography, and docking with ERP systems. Different devices have different functions.



  Goodscan100 is a mobile handheld volume measurement PDA independently developed by Yifang Technology. It is specially designed for e-commerce logistics. Using 3D vision technology, it can quickly collect data information of goods, complete data system connection, and improve operation efficiency.

  Some examples:

  When the courier picks up the package, it is necessary to estimate the size and weight of the package, and enter the obtained package data into the system to complete the collection of a package. The traditional collection method is to manually measure the size and weight, and then manually enter the data into the express delivery system; after using Goodscan100, you only need to take pictures of the goods, all the data of the goods is collected, and the system is automatically synchronized, so the data is accurate and efficient.

  For another example, when an e-commerce commodity is put into storage, the Goodscan100 handheld pda can identify the goods, and the size and weight can be obtained, the goods data storage can be completed, and the best storage solution can be obtained through data analysis. Compared with the traditional manual identification, the efficiency is greatly improved. promote.



  In addition to Goodscan100 mobile handheld volume measurement pda, Yifang Technology has also independently developed static, dynamic and bulk cargo measurement solutions, which can meet the usage scenarios of most enterprise cargo data collection.


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