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Intelligent package volume measurement and weighing alien DWS equipment can easily collect information

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-08-03 10:08

  At the technology special session of rookie open Week held at the end of last month, rookie released many technology products, among which a pallet four-way shuttle for resources in the field of warehousing automation was exposed for the first time.

  The four-way shuttle car is mainly applicable to the handling of goods in the warehouse. It can walk in four directions in the warehouse and move the goods to the designated position at will. It is a new generation of intelligent handling equipment for pallet storage solutions.

  This type of handling equipment is usually used together with logistics DWS. Take Yifang technology GS300 series cubic weighing and scanning equipment as an example:

  Through the DWS equipment for cargo measurement of Yifang technology express, the size, volume, weight, bar code and other information of the cargo can be quickly collected, and the data can be entered into the enterprise's system, and then output to the "four-way shuttle" and other equipment, so as to realize the efficient integrated storage management of the cargo.

  Why should enterprises be keen on developing such products?

  Compared with developed countries in Europe and the United States, there is still a gap in the development level of logistics in China. The development of automated logistics is conducive to helping enterprises reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and optimize economic benefits; On the other hand, accelerating the application of automated logistics technology and equipment will help improve the overall logistics level.

  Our common automation equipment includes data acquisition and logistics DWS, AGV, palletizing robot, visual manipulator, etc. taking data acquisition and logistics DWS as an example, alien technology has always been at the leading level in this field. The self-developed goodscan series cargo volume measurement equipment can collect the size, volume, weight, bar code and other information of various types of express packages, cover all kinds of use scenarios, and help enterprises effectively obtain package information, Realize intelligent data management.

  The automatic parcel volume measurement equipment can adopt the static measurement method of manual delivery, and can also support the docking line, sorting system, etc., so as to realize the efficient collection and management of cargo information.

  Automated logistics is the future trend. Enabling logistics operations through science and technology can effectively help enterprises achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

  The above is the information content brought to you by Yifang technology editor today. If you want to know more about automated logistics and DWS equipment for package size measurement, you can continue to pay attention to it.


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