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Volume measurement DWS equipment: a new way to reduce logistics and warehousing costs

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-09-13 15:20

  Volume measurement DWS equipment: a new way to reduce logistics and warehousing costs

  Goodscan 210C is a mobile volume measurement DWS device. It adopts a 3D visual volume measurement scheme, and can quickly collect the size, volume, barcode and photo information of regular / irregular express boxes. The data can be exported to excel / PDF format, or directly transmitted to the warehouse management system / database, so as to easily deal with the problem of labor shortage and low efficiency.

  The biggest highlight: innovative mobile trolley design, mobile operation; Equipped with large capacity battery, which can work continuously for 12 hours; Small floor area and simple maintenance in later stage.

  Main uses: cargo package data collection of logistics and e-commerce enterprises, help optimize storage space, carton selection, cost accounting, etc. through data analysis

  Why choose goodscan 210C volume measurement DWS equipment

  The traditional operation mode collects information such as the size and weight of goods, which is mainly measured by manual ruler. The accuracy of measurement data is not high, and it is easy to make mistakes when entering after measurement. When the number of goods increases, more labor is required, and the cost increases.

  Through the goodscan 210C mobile trolley volume measurement DWS equipment, it can move to the cargo stacking position at will, automatically collect cargo information and synchronize the docking system, with a speed of 1s / piece, which not only saves labor costs, but also improves the overall operation efficiency and effectively improves the economic benefits of the enterprise.

  This volume measurement integrated machine can move flexibly and has a super long endurance. It is favored by enterprises related to logistics and warehousing. If you have similar needs, you can learn about the weighing and scanning integrated machine, which covers static / dynamic measurement equipment and can be connected to the line sorting system to help enterprises reduce costs, increase efficiency and speed up upgrading


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