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DWS equipment can efficiently complete size and weight data collection

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-11-08 11:01

  DWS equipment can efficiently complete size and weight data collection

  Many enterprises engaged in logistics e-commerce are still using the traditional warehouse in and warehouse out management mode to manually identify the barcode information of each piece of goods, collect the size and weight, and finally enter the information into the system to complete the warehouse in and warehouse out operation.

  In fact, these operations can be completed quickly through the DWS equipment. Without a lot of labor, you can efficiently collect commodity information and complete the warehousing and outbound operations.

  DWS is a data information collection system, which can quickly collect the barcode, size and weight information of express package goods. It can complete logistics operations with less labor and more efficiency when receiving the ERP management system of enterprises.

  DWS can be generally divided into two types: static measurement and dynamic measurement.

  Static measurement means that goods are manually placed in the measurement area, and full collection of goods data is achieved through DWS equipment. This equipment is more suitable for enterprises with relatively small quantities of goods and low cost budgets.

  The dynamic measurement can be used together with the assembly line, sorter, sealing machine, etc., without manual intervention, and can automatically complete the parcel data collection work with high efficiency. A large number of goods data collection, sorting and other work can be completed within a unit time

  What are the advantages of DWS equipment? Take Goodscan volume measurement DWS equipment as an example:

  The current advanced 3D vision, light screen measurement, photogrammetry and other technologies can be used to automatically collect the size, volume, weight and barcode information of regular/irregular/soft bag/ultra-thin goods, with accuracy of ± 1mm and efficiency of 3000 pieces/hour.

  The Goodscan series has a total of handheld, static, dynamic and bulk measurement funds, which can basically meet the demand of most enterprises for cargo data collection. At present, it is widely used in logistics, warehousing, e-commerce, medical manufacturing and other fields to help enterprises reduce labor costs, improve operational efficiency and optimize economic benefits.

  Compared with manual measurement, the most obvious advantage of DWS automatic data acquisition is to complete more tasks with less manual work; The data obtained is more accurate and the error is reduced; The comprehensive operating cost is reduced, which is conducive to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

  If you also have such problems at present, DWS equipment with weighing and scanning function is a good choice if you want to complete the data collection of express parcels efficiently.


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