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Why do international logistics freight forwarding companies use DWS equipment

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-11-29 14:51

  Why do international logistics freight forwarding companies use DWS equipment

  This question starts with the charging standards of international express delivery.

  Taking DHL, UPS, TNT, and FedEX (the four major international express companies) as examples, the charging standard mainly depends on the actual weight and volume weight of the package:

  When the actual weight is greater than the volume weight, the actual weight shall be used as the standard;

  When volumetric weight > actual weight, volumetric weight (kg) = length (cm) × width (cm) × height (cm) ÷ 5000

  It can be seen that for international logistics agents, the weighing and volume measurement of packages is essential.

  In the volume measurement link, traditional manual measurement is extremely inefficient and cannot meet the high-density sorting needs of cross-border e-commerce logistics sorting. In this case, DWS equipment was born.

  What is a DWS device

  DWS is the abbreviation of Dimension (volume), Weight (weighing), and Scanning (scanning). It is an intelligent device that integrates automatic volume measurement, weighing and scanning of goods. Compared with the traditional operation method, the automation and intelligent integration advantages of DWS equipment are particularly prominent, which is of great significance for improving the competitiveness of international logistics agency enterprises.

  How to choose DWS equipment

  There are endless DWS devices on the market, but the quality is uneven, so choosing and purchasing DWS devices seems to be another difficult problem.

  Yifang Technology has the following advantages over competitors' DWS equipment:

  Yifang Technology is a national high-tech enterprise. All hardware and software of its goodscan equipment are completely independently developed, with strong professional strength, rich product functions, and can be customized according to different needs of customers;

  In the field of volume measurement, due to the core technology of Yifang Technology, it can maintain a high precision of ±1mm and a high accuracy of ±1g regardless of static or dynamic, and supports full measurement of protrusions, irregular objects, small packages, and transparent objects. Accurate measurement of azimuth, also supports measurement of randomly placed objects.

  In the industry and even in the world, Yifang Technology is at the leading level with high precision of ±1mm; rich customer cases, reliable product quality, perfect after-sales service, customers have no worries.

  DWS equipment, the first choice to find the market-Yifang Technology-goodscan!


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