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Intelligent logistics measurement and sorting equipment solves labor problems

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-12-06 14:04

  Intelligent logistics measurement and sorting equipment solves labor problems

  In recent years, the express delivery industry has been affected by upstream e-commerce. Not only has the express business volume increased rapidly, but the delivery of express parcels has also gradually shown the characteristics of multi-quality, small batch and high frequency, making the traditional manual sorting mode more difficult in terms of cost, efficiency and accuracy. There are deficiencies in other aspects, and the demand for cost reduction and efficiency increase of major express delivery companies has become increasingly strong. They have begun to actively use the logistics end as an entry point to carry out intelligent and automated transformation and upgrading of enterprise operations. Express parcel sorting has begun to shift from manual sorting The mode is transitioning to automatic sorting, and the demand for automatic sorting equipment systems is strong.

  At present, automatic sorting equipment has been widely used in large and medium-sized logistics centers and express transfer stations, and is one of the necessary facilities for advanced distribution centers. Utilizing big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, automatic sorting equipment can identify, receive and process sorting signals through computer control systems, and then drive sorting devices and conveying devices to deliver express items by category and commodity The goods are automatically classified by location, etc., and sent to the corresponding sorting crossing, so as to realize efficient and accurate sorting of continuous and large quantities of goods.

  Yifang Technology DWS equipment efficiently collects cargo size and weight information

  Handheld Volume Measurement PDA

  The device is only the size of a mobile phone. By taking pictures of the goods and combining with the corresponding algorithm, the precise measurement of the size and volume of the goods can be realized.

  Static Volume Measurement DWS

  At the fixed station, put the goods to be measured into the measurement area of the equipment, and you can get the full information of the goods. After the measurement is completed, it needs to be moved away manually.

  Dynamic Volume Measurement DWS

  On the belt line and assembly line, the goods pass through the dynamic volume measurement DWS equipment without stopping, and the full data of the goods can be collected in only 1 second. It can also be connected with the sorting machine and the sealing machine to realize the automatic operation of the assembly line.

  Pallet bulk measurement DWS

  This is mainly for some large-scale goods, which need to be integrated and packaged with pallets and pallets. The goods are placed in the measurement area through the AGV trolley, and then the wall-mounted/matrix DWS equipment collects the goods information, which is easier and more efficient.


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