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All-in-one machine for measuring, weighing, and scanning codes Efficient measurement of package size and weight

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-12-13 16:12

  All-in-one machine for measuring, weighing, and scanning codes Efficient measurement of package size and weight

  In daily logistics operations, we can encounter express delivery of various sizes, including regular boxes, soft package express delivery and ultra-thin envelopes. When entering the system, we need to identify barcodes, collect size, volume and weight information .

  In the vast majority of logistics companies, parcel data collection relies on manual measurement with rulers, or use volume scales to obtain volume and weight data, and finally manually enter the data into the enterprise ERP system.

  This kind of operation method is suitable for enterprises with small business volume and low efficiency requirements; if there are many goods to be processed, it is necessary to continuously increase labor, the measured data has large errors, and the system entry is also prone to errors. More accurate and efficient data collection methods are needed:

  GoodScan volume measurement DWS is specially designed for e-commerce logistics and warehousing enterprises. Using 3D vision and light curtain measurement technology, it can accurately identify the barcode of the express package, measure the size, volume and weight information, and the measurement data is synchronously connected to the enterprise ERP/WMS system. Accurate and efficient.

  GS210Y-Static Volume Measurement DWS

  GS210Y is a static volume measurement DWS, which can measure small and medium-sized express parcels. You only need to manually place the goods in the measurement area, and you can obtain the barcode, size, volume and weight information of the goods in one piece. The data is automatically connected as you go. System, precise and efficient.

  Applicable to: E-commerce logistics and warehousing enterprises with small business volume

  GM200-Light Curtain Dynamic Volume Measurement DWS

  GM200 is a dynamic data acquisition DWS using light curtain technology. Using advanced light curtain measurement technology and advanced measurement algorithm, it can quickly and accurately obtain various information of small and medium packages. The measurement accuracy can reach ±1mm, and it can measure 1500 per hour. It is currently a best-selling volume measurement DWS all-in-one machine.

  Applicable to: medium and large e-commerce, logistics enterprises, can be fully automatic operation with assembly line, sorting machine, sealing machine.

  main effect:

  One-key collection of all data, the efficiency can reach 3000 pieces/hour; the measurement accuracy is high, the industry's leading ± 1mm; it can be automatically connected to the ERP system; it saves labor and reduces operating costs.

  If your company also has such troubles, you may wish to share the volume measurement DWS equipment together.


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