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The logistics of Quanyang Times paralyzes the efficient operation of foreign technology GM200Pro

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-12-27 19:31

  The logistics of Quanyang Times paralyzes the efficient operation of foreign technology GM200Pro

  Customer introduction

  The customer is an import and export enterprise of goods, with large warehouses and warehousing equipment, and branches in many places across the country to provide customers with professional warehousing, domestic and foreign logistics services.

  Project status

  In the customer's Beijing branch, there are a large number of import and export goods in the warehouse. Before transportation, you need to register the data information of each piece of goods, calculate the freight and then choose a better logistics scheme.

  The cargo data information is usually measured, calculated and registered manually with a ruler. However, due to the surge in cargo volume, it is impossible to complete a large number of cargo data collection operations in a short period of time. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the labor input to improve the operational efficiency, which increases the operating costs of enterprises. Customers are looking for an automation solution to efficiently collect the full information of goods, reduce the dependence on labor and reduce the comprehensive cost.


  In combination with the customer's use scenarios and actual needs, we have provided the GM200Pro light curtain volume measurement DWS solution for customers:

  GM200pro light curtain volume measurement DWS, specially developed for e-commerce logistics related enterprises, can measure regular/irregular/soft package goods, achieve the functions of "measuring party+weighing+scanning+photographing+system docking" with one click, support the docking pipeline, and realize the automatic collection of full data of goods.

  Actual results

  After the GM200Pro light curtain volume measurement DWS is put into use:

  Accurate measurement data, synchronous docking with online system

  Package data collection speed is accelerated, up to 3000 pieces/hour

  Reduce labor demand and comprehensive cost

  This type of volume measurement DWS equipment has been widely used in logistics, warehousing, e-commerce, medical and other fields. The main task is to help enterprises efficiently collect data information about goods, connect data to the system, and achieve the goal of saving labor and improving efficiency. If you are reading the same problem, you can communicate with each other!


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