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Static DWS equipment Automatic measuring and weighing all-in-one machine

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-01-11 15:52

  Static DWS equipment Automatic measuring and weighing all-in-one machine

  Static DWS equipment, by definition, can be understood as a DWS equipment that directly collects cargo data without connecting assembly lines and belt lines.

  For DWS equipment, D stands for Dimension, W stands for Weight, and S stands for Scanning. This kind of equipment has the functions of measuring volume, weighing and scanning code at the same time.

  At present, there are many types of DWS equipment on the market, good and bad are mixed, some have single functions, and some measurement data are not up to standard. Is there any professional DWS equipment manufacturer?

  DWS equipment is preferred by Yifang Technology

  As early as 2015, Yifang Technology began to deeply cultivate the field of cargo data collection. Its Goodscan volume measurement DWS equipment can be divided into handheld models, static/dynamic and bulk measurement, and it can collect volume, weigh, scan code, take pictures, system docking, etc. It integrates functions, adopts mainstream 3D vision technology, can efficiently and quickly collect the volume and weight information of regular/irregular packages, and supports docking with ERP/WMS systems, which is accurate and efficient.

  With the upgrading of technology, the GM200 series of volume measurement DWS was subsequently launched. Using light curtain measurement technology, the data collection of goods has been pushed to a new height. The measurement accuracy can reach ±1mm, and the efficiency is 3000 pieces/hour, which is favored by many consumers.

  There are research and development centers in Shenzhen and Wuhan, and production bases and sales branches in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai and other places. The products are not only sought after by domestic logistics-related enterprises, but also sold to 15 countries and regions around the world.

  Cooperative enterprises: JD Logistics JDL, Debon, Post, HW, VIVO, Haidilao and other well-known enterprises in China, and overseas: UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc.

  Honorary qualifications: National High-tech Enterprise, Artificial Intelligence Award, 80+ patents and soft works, SMQ precision certification, etc.

  Volume measurement DWS equipment is suitable for logistics, warehousing, e-commerce, medical care, manufacturing and other fields. Multiple equipment options can meet the diverse data collection needs of enterprises and help enterprises achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

  If you are also looking for a manufacturer of volume measurement DWS equipment, you can discuss it in depth in the background.


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