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Logistics volume measurement Scan code weighing DWS measurement accuracy ± 1mm

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-03-17 15:30

  Logistics volume measurement Scan code weighing DWS measurement accuracy ± 1mm

  As we all know, logistics DWS can help enterprises quickly improve operating efficiency, reduce enterprise employment costs, and increase enterprise benefits. So when do you need to use dynamic volume measurement DWS? Many companies are struggling with this problem, which mainly depends on the business volume and staffing of the company.

  If there are not many goods that the company needs to handle every day and the manpower is sufficient, there is no need to choose dynamic volume measurement DWS. Static DWS equipment can be considered, and the size and volume of the goods can be quickly obtained only by manually placing the goods on it. , weight, barcode and other information, the data can be interconnected with the enterprise ERP system to realize pre-shared data.

  If it is used by some medium and large enterprises or logistics centers, the amount of goods that need to be processed every day is very large, and relying solely on manual data collection, sorting and other operations is basically unable to meet the needs of current development.

  At this time, it is recommended that e-commerce logistics-related enterprises adopt dynamic volume measurement DWS equipment. Compared with static DWS, it can be connected to assembly lines, conveyor belts, and used in conjunction with sorting machines, sealing machines, labeling machines and other equipment, and the operation process is different. No matter how cumbersome, integrated operation.

  Yifang Technology has been deeply involved in the field of volume measurement as early as 2015. Its self-developed Goodscan volume measurement DWS adopts 3D vision and light curtain measurement technology, which can quickly collect the size, volume, weight and Barcode and other information, the measurement accuracy is ±1mm, and the efficiency can reach 3000 pieces/hour.

  Equipment classification: handheld PDA, static/dynamic DWS and bulk measurement DWS

  Main functions: Help enterprises reduce manual operations and reduce employment costs; improve operation efficiency and create greater value per unit time; transform and upgrade automation to help enterprises develop.

  If you are also looking for equipment for measuring parcel volume, Goodscan DWS is a good choice. Click on the background to learn more about it.


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