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Which is the best DWS equipment for volume measurement? Yifang Technology teaches you how to choose

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-04-18 16:08

  Which is the best DWS equipment for volume measurement? Yifang Technology teaches you how to choose

  There are many solutions for measuring the size, volume, and weight of goods on the market, but enterprises need to combine their own needs when choosing them, so as to find an effective solution for the enterprise. This type of equipment is called logistics DWS in the industry, also known as volume measurement DWS, which can be mainly divided into: mobile handheld PDA, static/dynamic measurement and bulk measurement solutions. According to different needs and usage scenarios of enterprises, different types can be selected device of.

  Volume measurement DWS equipment features:

  Quantity: that is, the size and volume of the goods are automatically measured;

  Weighing: obtain the weight information of the goods through belt scales, electronic scales, etc.;

  Scan code: identify the label or barcode of the goods to achieve efficient management;

  Photographing: the device is equipped with photographing and video recording functions, which is convenient for tracing the source;

  Docking: The size, volume, weight, barcode and other information to be obtained will be connected to the client's management system.

  Why do enterprises choose volume measurement DWS equipment? The main reasons are:

  Manual work takes a long time and the work efficiency is low;

  Manual measurement errors are large, and cost accounting is prone to errors;

  The overall business has increased and cannot meet the status quo;

  Application areas: e-commerce, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, supermarkets and other fields.

  Which is the best volume measurement DWS equipment? The Goodscan volume measurement DWS equipment developed by Yifang Technology can effectively replace traditional manual operations. It can realize functions such as measuring, weighing, scanning codes, taking pictures, and system docking with one button, and the time-consuming is only It takes 1 second, the accuracy can reach millimeter level, and the automatic docking system completes the storage registration, helping enterprises achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


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