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Exotic science and technology bid special Tibu dynamic DWS project efficient sorting cost reduction and efficiency

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-04-25 16:07

  Exotic science and technology bid special Tibu dynamic DWS project efficient sorting cost reduction and efficiency

  Warm congratulations

  good news! After a layer of screening, the exotic technology stood out in the fierce competition with many colleagues. It successfully won the bidding Tuber Group dynamic DWS sorting project and became a designated supplier of the project.

  company profile

  Tuber Group is a multi -brand and international enterprise that specializes in the design, research and development, manufacturing, and marketing of sports shoes, clothing and accessories. It was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2008 and opened an international road in 2019. Leading enterprise of sports goods.

  Facing problems

  With the expansion of the Group's business, in addition to creating popular sports products on the product side, Tubu has also upgraded the level of supply chain services simultaneously to promote the construction of major offline experience stores, major and medium -sized warehouses and product reserves in the country. Shorten the time difference between online users to place orders and products, improve network service efficiency, and increase user shopping experience and brand favorability.

  In the warehouses of the clients, a large number of parcels need to be sorted into the warehouse, but there are various disadvantages in the current manual operating mode: large data errors, low operating efficiency, and increasing employment costs. The bidding method is to find the appropriate cargo sorting solution, and the exotic technology has successfully won the project.


  Through in -depth communication with customers, we provide customers with a dynamic DWS+Z -type sorting solution:

  Scheme diagram

  The plan adopts the form of dynamic DWS equipment+Z -type sorting. Through the docking of the workbench, multi -person work independently, the cargo weighs the specific information through the belt line, and then reads the specific information. Category, the goods entering the warehouse becomes easier.

  Project significance

  The dynamic DWS sorting project of the Wubu Group is a reflection of the quality and market reputation of exotic technology products and market reputation. It is also an affirmation of the comprehensive technical strength of the enterprise. Bring more efficient and intelligent solutions.

  For customers, the dynamic DWS+sorting scheme provided by exotic technology can effectively help enterprises improve operating efficiency, reduce employment costs, achieve the goal of reducing costs and efficiency, and further improve economic benefits.


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