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Measuring and weighing all-in-one machine DWS equipment works efficiently

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-05-04 17:43

  Measuring and weighing all-in-one machine DWS equipment works efficiently

  In recent years, the explosive growth of online shopping demand has brought new growth momentum and pressure to enterprises in the logistics and express delivery industry, and at the same time promoted the upgrading of supply chain technology and services. In this context, Yifang Technology has launched the Goodscan volume measurement system -- -Measuring + weighing + code reading + photographing four-in-one equipment. So far, it is the only domestic manufacturer that can provide volume data collection from mobile phone clients to small, medium, and oversized cargo.

  GM200 volume measurement, weighing and scanning all-in-one machine

  Yifang Technology GM200 volume measurement, code scanning and weighing all-in-one machine, intelligently integrates measuring method + weighing + code scanning + photo evidence collection + docking system in one. In terms of size measurement, thanks to the core technology of Yifang Technology, the average measurement accuracy can reach ±1mm, the cargo handling efficiency can reach 1500 pieces/hour, and more needs can be customized.

  GS200Pro Automatic Volume Measurement, Weighing and Code Scanning All-in-One Machine

  Yifang Technology GS200Pro fully automatic volume measurement, weighing and code scanning all-in-one machine, in a high-speed dynamic state, integrates measuring cube + weighing + scanning code + photographing and evidence collection + docking system in one. In terms of size measurement, the measurement accuracy can also reach ±1mm, and the cargo handling efficiency can reach 3000 pieces/hour, and it can be used with Yifang Technology's multi-faceted code scanning equipment, which is more efficient and can be customized for more needs.

  GS210Y static dws system

  Yifang Technology GS210Y static dws system can measure the weight and size of objects with high precision, support regular/irregular object measurement, support manual/automatic code scanning, and support data system docking. The size measurement accuracy can reach ±5mm, and a mobile cart can be added to move the device easily and freely (with a rechargeable battery), and more needs can be customized.

  GS300 Pallet Cargo/Large Cargo Volume Measuring Machine

  Yifang Technology GS300 volume measurement all-in-one machine can be used to measure the size of pallet goods or oversized objects, supports ceiling or column installation, can choose whole pallet or reject pallet measurement, and supports regular/irregular pallet cargo measurement. In addition, Yifang Technology's pallet cargo/bulk volume measurement system can also automatically generate 3D point cloud images, cooperate with the weighbridge, and automatically connect the required data to the enterprise system.

  GS400 Truck Dimensioning System

  The volume error of Yifang Technology GS400 truck volume measurement system is controlled within 3%, and the measurement is completed in 15 seconds. The vehicle data is detected and entered in real time, data storage, data export, data monitoring, real-time display of 3D graphics, vehicle volume, loading material volume calculation, Fast measurement, high precision, acquisition of vehicle weight data, real-time weighing, reducing vehicle accidents, and escorting road safety.

  Dynamic DWS volume measurement, static DWS volume measurement, ultra-thin piece measurement, small and medium package volume measurement, pallet large cargo volume measurement, multi-sided code scanning equipment... more product models are available, and can be customized according to different needs of customers . If you also have needs for volume measurement, weighing, code scanning, etc., please contact Yifang Technology to discuss the most suitable product solution for you!


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