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Dynamic DWS equipment GM200 volume measurement accuracy ± 1mm

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-05-12 14:53

  Dynamic DWS equipment GM200 volume measurement accuracy ± 1mm

  Dynamic DWS equipment, D-dimension (dimension), W-weight (weight), S-scanning (scanning), DWS is the abbreviation of the first letter of the three words, it is used for parcels (goods) in the logistics e-commerce freight industry The integrated operating system of volume measurement, barcode scanning and weighing is not only a one-stop service intelligent equipment for the whole process of cargo parcel volume, weighing, scanning code and so on. Widely used in the logistics freight industry.

  Dynamic: It means that when the goods package is rapidly transported on the conveyor belt, its barcode, weight, and size data information will be automatically collected by the measuring equipment and automatically uploaded to the warehouse system and a series of operations...

  Some parameters of Yifang Technology GM200:

  Adapt to the scene: international logistics freight package volume measurement, package billing; special-shaped parts identification, size, volume measurement; logistics package review, volume review; suitable for warehouses and other scenarios for assembly line docking

  Measuring principle: light curtain volume measurement

  Functional advantages: assembly line docking type DWS system, with the characteristics of full automation and simple operation; high precision, can measure irregularities, and place them at will;

  Measurement accuracy: stable accuracy ±1mm; suitable for measuring small and medium packages (1.8*0.9*0.9M);

  Weighing capacity: 0.1kg-100kg

  Measuring efficiency, with the functions of automatic weighing, automatic code reading, and automatic volume measurement, the efficiency can reach up to about 300 votes/hour.

  Package shape: Irregular objects can be measured

  Package drums: Support package side drum measurement

  Package placement: Supports serial placement (put them on the conveyor belt one by one, and there is a distance between the packages)

  Ultra-thin objects: objects with thickness <1mm can be accurately measured (accurately measure A4 paper)

  Yifang Technology specializes in providing professional, high-quality, fast and convenient intelligent logistics solutions for cross-border e-commerce logistics. Its independent research and development technology, products and services have been highly recognized by customers. In the future, it will not forget its original intention and is committed to serving Cross-border e-commerce logistics provides more high-quality products and services, creating more value for customers! If you need DWS equipment, you can contact online customer service.


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