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GS300 tray volume measuring instrument logistics DWS equipment

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-07-25 15:17

  GS300 tray volume measuring instrument logistics DWS equipment

  The measurement plan for the GS300 GS300 of the exotic technology is a patented product independently developed by the exotic technology team. GS300 is divided into two models, which can be measured 60*60*60-150*150*180cm (customized), weighing 1T (customized), you can choose a whole tray or remove the tray measurement, support the measurement of the rules/irregular tray, and automatically generate 3D point cloud charts. At the same time, the required data is automatically connected to the enterprise system. Short and high efficiency not only saves labor costs for enterprises, but also guarantees the accuracy of data, which is conducive to improving the level of business services and improving customer satisfaction.

  Different technology is a national high -tech enterprise. Its independent GOODSCAN series products can quickly and accurately obtain information such as the volume, weight, barcode of the rules (non -rules) of the rules (non -rule). As of now, the volume measurement equipment of exotic technology has now gone abroad and exported to many overseas countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy.

  GS300 installation method: ceiling or column.

  As of now, GS300 is widely used in various industries, such as: express industry representatives: China Post, FEDEX, etc.; airport customer representatives: Shenzhen Airport, China Southern Airlines, etc.; supply chain represents customers: Yiya Tong; Fortune 500 representatives of foreign companies: SMC, Semo Fei, etc.; logistics industry representatives: Heaven and Gajie Logistics, etc. Huawei, Huada Gene, Kesta, etc.; as well as other industries such as Foshan Furniture Company, Shang Super Category such as Tianhong Supermarket, etc. Cumulative hundreds of customers, the market share ranks first.

  Different technologies, focusing on the volume measurement of goods, and exclusive parties in the segmentation of the goods out of the warehouse, are the industry -leading measurement experts. If you also have the needs of volume measurement, weight, code scanning, sorting, etc., please contact the exotic technology to explore the product solution that is most suitable for you!


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