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Weighing, scanning and sorting all-in-one machine GS210P 1/4 accuracy ± 1g

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-08-15 10:43

Weighing, scanning and sorting all-in-one machine GS210P 1/4 accuracy ± 1g

The all-in-one weighing and scanning code is commonly known as "Kuaishou" equipment. There are static models and dynamic models. The dynamic models are equipped with belt scales to realize automatic docking and movement of items to the assembly line. Yifang Technology GS210P is divided into four parts, using industrial code scanning cameras, industrial pressure transmitters, etc. It is stable and reliable. It can realize the functions of barcode scanning, weighing, measuring, sorting and data uploading of regular and irregular goods. It has simple design, small footprint, powerful functions and high sorting efficiency. Picked right-hand man!

GS210P one point four sorting

Sorting in seconds, one minute four sorting, accurate and efficient, weighing 20kg, accuracy ±1g, measurement accuracy millimeter level, sorting efficiency up to 1800-2500 pieces/hour.

Function customization:

According to requirements, functions such as high-definition pictures, visible barcodes, picture naming, object shape classification, and conditional restrictions can be customized.


GS210P has the automatic sorting function of belts divided into four parts, the data can be stored immediately after measurement, and the data can be exported at any time, accurate to any time; suitable for the measurement of small and medium-sized products, regular/irregular, the workbench can be placed arbitrarily, and can be used for logistics Scenarios such as sorting and factory manufacturing lines.

The advantages of GS210P over traditional labor are as follows:

●It can effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of logistics operations, and reduce manual operations and errors.

● Different functions and interfaces can be customized according to different customer needs to meet different work scenarios.

●Visual traceability of goods can be realized, which is convenient for management and query.

●It can save space and cost, and improve the competitiveness of logistics enterprises.

Yifang Technology-focus on cargo volume measurement. If you also have needs for volume measurement, weighing, code scanning, sorting, etc., please contact Yifang Technology to discuss the most suitable product solution for you!


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