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Logistics DWS+Dynamic DWS+Static DWS Logistics E -commerce Package measures helper

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-09-06 13:47

Logistics DWS+Dynamic DWS+Static DWS Logistics E -commerce Package measures helper

With the prosperity of e -commerce, the logistics industry has become increasingly developed. Efficiency has become an important indicator for logistics companies. How can we quickly and accurately complete the volume measurement, code scanning, weighing, data docking and other operations of the cargo? This requires an efficient device -the volume measurement of the logistics DWS volume measurement weighing the code scanning equipment!

Logistics DWS volume measurement weighing code scanning equipment is a device that combines a variety of functions, including volume measurement, weighing and scanning code. This device is usually used in the logistics, express delivery, e -commerce and other industries. It can quickly and accurately measure the size, weight and barcodes of the package, and provide convenience for subsequent sorting, billing and distribution. Then, then

The emergence of logistics DWS equipment has solved the problem of traditional artificial operations well, and the advantage is very obvious:

1. Fang Fang: Precise, fast

The quantity is an important part of the logistics operation. The traditional way of quantity is time -consuming and laborious, and it is easy to cause errors. The logistics DWS contains a high -precision measurement instrument with a measurement accuracy of up to ± 1mm. It can quickly and accurately complete the volume operation of the cargo and effectively reduce the error.

2. Scan code: automation, accuracy of information

The accuracy of cargo information is essential for logistics transportation. Logistics DWS has an automatic code scanning function, which can quickly and accurately obtain cargo information, avoid errors caused by human factors, and ensure the accuracy of goods information.

3. Weight: efficient and stable

Weighing is a necessary link in logistics operation. Logistics DWS has a high -precision weight system that can quickly complete the weight operation of the goods and ensure the accuracy of the weight information of the goods.

4. Integrated: save space, easy to manage

The logistics DWS device integrates volume measurement, code scanning, and weighing-data docking function, which saves the space in the logistics operation, and at the same time facilitates management, making the logistics operation more convenient.

5. Improve efficiency: reduce costs and improve efficiency

The use of logistics DWS equipment can significantly improve the efficiency of logistics operations, reduce labor costs, reduce operation time, thereby reducing logistics costs and improving the economic benefits of enterprises.

Different Science and Technology Static DWS -GS210Y

The GS210Y adopts adjustable bracket design, the measurement range 5*5*5-80*80*80cm, the measurement accuracy millimeter level, the weighing range of 100kg, weighing accuracy of 10g, supports manual/automatic code, supports the package color photos for color photos Archive, volume weight data and barcode information upload the cloud with one click, docking system. More needs can be customized.

Different Technology Dynamic DWS-GM210

GM210 Light curtain volume measurement equipment measurement range 10*3*0.5-180*90*90cm, measurement accuracy ± 1mm, weighing range of 60kg, weighing accuracy 10g, measurement efficiency of 1500 pieces/h, support manual/automatic scan code, supports manual/automatic code, supports manual/automatic code. Support the package to archive the package, the volume weight data and barcode information upload the cloud with one click, and the docking system. More needs can be customized.

Different technology, focusing on the volume measurement of goods, and exclusive parties in the field of goods from the warehouse, is the leading measurement expert in the industry. If you also have the needs of volume measurement, weighing, code scanning, sorting, etc., please contact consultation consultation Different technology, explore the product solution that is best for you!...


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