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The way to improve logistics and freight forwarding efficiency is essential DWS equipment

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-11-16 11:07

The way to improve logistics and freight forwarding efficiency is essential DWS equipment

In 2022, my country's total import and export value of goods trade was 42.07 trillion yuan, an increase of 7.7% over 2021, and goods trade ranked first in the world for 6 consecutive years. In China, hundreds of millions of parcels are transported every day. During e-commerce carnivals such as "Double Eleven" and "618", express delivery volume increases exponentially. However, as a labor-intensive industry, problems such as shortage of express delivery personnel, weak distribution efficiency, and limited logistics capacity have become the most direct challenges faced by express delivery companies. Therefore, it is the strongest and urgent need for express delivery companies to use intelligent means to improve work efficiency and delivery accuracy, thereby improving user experience.

Problems faced by traditional logistics and freight forwarding

1Long service chain

The company covers multiple links such as customer inquiry, quotation, space booking, order confirmation, order tracking, etc. The service chain is long and complex, and errors in any link will cause transaction errors.

2. Low collaboration efficiency

Traditional enterprises have a low level of informatization and are highly dependent on manual monitoring, collection, and entry, resulting in low collaboration efficiency.

3 Information islands

Traditional enterprises have information islands, making it difficult to improve customer stickiness and service quality through effective data synchronization and data management.

Yifang Technology's DWS equipment helps companies improve efficiency and drive cargo volume growth

At present, logistics companies need to measure the volume, weigh, scan codes, take photos, and connect data for all packages in the warehouse. Traditional manual labor is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and error-prone. DWS equipment can combine volume measurement, weighing, The five steps of scanning the code, taking pictures, and data docking are turned into one step, which greatly improves efficiency and saves time in package processing.

Static DWS——GS210Y

GS210Y can measure small goods at a minimum of 5*5*5cm and medium goods at a maximum of 80*80*80cm. With the 3D visual measurement solution, the measurement accuracy is millimeter level and the best weight measurement accuracy is 10g. Complete body measurement and weighing in one step. , scan codes, enter and calculate, support high-definition photography and store photos of each cargo, and use Excel/Http/TCP/serial port to connect to the warehouse management system/database and upload data information to the cloud with one click, which can effectively cope with traditional express logistics and The demand for small items in the two major application scenarios of cross-border e-commerce.

Dynamic DWS——GM210

GM210 consists of two pairs of light curtains, scanning lens, drum scale, belt line and industrial computer. It can realize functions such as "measurement + weighing + scanning + photo + entry" within 1 second, and can measure up to 180*90* 90cm; measurement accuracy ±1mm, optimal weight measurement accuracy 10g, supports 40 bayonet high-speed operations, and can effectively help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Volume measurement of large parts——GS300

GS300 can measure 60*60*60-150*150*180cm (customizable), weigh 1T (customizable), can choose whole pallet or reject pallet measurement, supports regular/irregular pallet cargo measurement, and can also automatically generate 3D The point cloud map also has the function of taking photos and collecting evidence, and automatically connects the required data to the enterprise system. It is accurate, time-consuming, and efficient. It not only saves labor costs for the enterprise, but also guarantees the accuracy of the data, which is conducive to improving enterprise operations. service level and improve customer satisfaction.

At present, Yifang Technology's DWS equipment is assisting the intelligent upgrading of the express logistics field, significantly speeding up various professional links. In the future, Yifang Technology will continue to provide smarter and more humane solutions for enterprises and practitioners in the entire logistics industry, helping enterprises to increase revenue, reduce expenditure, reduce costs and increase efficiency!


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