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GM210P won the bid for Savvy Times DWS equipment project to help reduce costs and increase efficiency

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-12-13 11:28

[Good news about winning the bid] GM210P won the bid for Savvy Times DWS equipment project to help reduce costs and increase efficiency

In modern logistics, calculating freight by volume is a very popular method nowadays, and clothing parcels are no exception. The volume needs to be measured when entering and exiting the warehouse, so DWS equipment is needed. Recently, in the bidding for the DWS equipment project of Saiwei Times, Yi Fang With its professionalism in volume measurement, product stability, excellent reputation, and high-quality pre-sales and after-sales services, Technology stood out from the fierce competition among many bidders and successfully won the bid!

About the Age of Savior

Saiwei Times Technology Co., Ltd. was established on May 31, 2012. It is a technology-driven export cross-border brand e-commerce company. Its main products cover four major categories: clothing accessories, department stores and home furnishings, sports entertainment, digital cars and motorcycles, covering More than 200 countries and regions around the world. On July 12, 2023, SV Times was listed on the GEM.

Project requirements

In the warehouse, there are many clothing packages that need to be measured in length, width and height, and freight is planned based on the volume. Under the traditional manual operation mode, it takes a lot of time, energy and labor costs to scan the product barcode, measure the volume and enter the data into the system. , and there are inevitable errors in manual measurement. Therefore, it is hoped to seek intelligent equipment through bidding to improve the operational efficiency of the warehouse.


Yifang Technology will customize the GM210P equipment for customers based on the actual needs of the project, which can quickly realize barcode recognition, volume measurement, and data docking. The measurement of each package only takes 1 second, and the volume measurement accuracy is as high as ±1mm, which can ensure measurement The accuracy of data can also improve warehouse operation efficiency and greatly optimize the entire cargo processing process.

GM210P parameters

Measuring range: 1-60cm

Measurement efficiency: 1 second/piece

Measurement accuracy: up to ±1mm

Meaning of cooperation

This time Yifang Technology successfully won the bid and cooperated with Savvy Times, which not only reflects the customer's high recognition of Yifang Technology, but also proves Yifang Technology's comprehensive competitiveness and market position in the field of cargo volume measurement. For customers, by putting in volume measurement DWS equipment, logistics center cargo data collection will be more accurate and efficient, more work can be completed with less labor, work efficiency will be further improved, and corporate economic benefits will also be optimized.


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