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GM210 dynamic DWS equipment is exported to South Korea for efficient volume measurement, weighing and sorting

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-12-27 13:50

GM210 dynamic DWS equipment is exported to South Korea for efficient volume measurement, weighing and sorting

Volume measuring equipment is a device used to measure the volume of items and is widely used in logistics, warehousing, express delivery and other fields. With the rapid development of the logistics market, the demand for volume measurement equipment continues to increase, and its technology is constantly improving and improving. In South Korea, due to the rapid development of its logistics market and increasingly complex sorting needs, volume measurement equipment has also been widely welcomed and applied. GM210 can achieve more efficient volume measurement, weighing and accurate sorting operations by working with the inclined balance wheel of the turning machine.

GM210 dynamic DWS equipment

Dynamic DWS equipment can generally be used to integrate warehouse assembly lines, linking security inspection machines, telescopic machines, drum lines, etc. at the front end, and linking sorting equipment at the back end, automating the warehouse operation process, reducing a large amount of manual work, and reducing costs. Labor costs can be effectively improved at the same time as the operating efficiency of logistics enterprises.

GM210 dynamic DWS equipment intelligently integrates measurement, weighing, code scanning, photography and evidence collection, and docking system. In terms of dimensional measurement, thanks to core technology, even under high-speed dynamic conditions, the average measurement accuracy can still be as high as ±1mm, and the cargo processing efficiency can reach 3,000 pieces/hour. More needs can be customized.

GM210+turning machine+inclined balance wheel sorting machine efficiently measures volume, weighs and sorting

Improve sorting efficiency: By optimizing the flow speed and direction of items on the conveyor line, combined with the high-speed volume measurement and weighing technology of the GM210 dynamic DWS, the sorting efficiency can be greatly improved and the sorting time reduced.

Reduce sorting errors: The weighing sensor of the GM210 dynamic DWS has high precision and stability, can accurately measure the weight of items, and combines computer technology for rapid processing to reduce sorting errors.

Flexible handling of different items: By adjusting the angle and speed of the tilting wheel of the turning machine, it can adapt to items of different sizes, shapes and weights, achieving more flexible sorting operations.

Saving space: Through compact design and reasonable layout, this combination system can effectively save space, reduce floor space, and reduce the operating cost of the enterprise.

Reduce costs: By optimizing the sorting, warehousing and transportation processes, it can help companies reduce costs and improve economic benefits.

In short, the combination of GM210 dynamic DWS and the inclined balance wheel of the turning machine can improve the efficiency and accuracy of the Korean logistics sorting industry, help enterprises reduce costs and enhance market competitiveness, save manpower, improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase efficiency. , if you are still worried about volume measurement, weighing and scanning, and sorting, you can contact Yifang Technology.


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