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GS300 sold to Hong Kong, pallet volume and weight measurement completed in one step

Writer:Goodscan Time:2024-02-28 11:43

GS300 sold to Hong Kong, pallet volume and weight measurement completed in one step

At the fourth meeting of the Central Financial and Economic Committee held on February 23, reducing logistics costs for the whole society became the main topic. Accurate measurement of volume and weight is very important for reducing logistics costs. For the volume and weight measurement of large goods on logistics pallets, traditional The method is to use a manual ruler to measure the length, width and height and then calculate the volume and use a floor scale to obtain weight information. However, this method has some problems, such as difficulty in measurement, large data errors, and is labor-intensive and time-consuming. In order to solve these problems, automated measuring equipment can be used, such as the GS300 pallet volume measuring equipment.

Project requirements

In Wah Fu Yang's Hong Kong warehouse, there are a lot of bulk goods and pallets that need to collect information such as size, volume, and weight. Traditional manual measurement of size and volume is difficult, and the data obtained has a large error between the actual data and requires a lot of manpower and time. There is no doubt that It increases the cost of business operations, and it is difficult to measure irregular palletized goods. In addition, the process of entering measurement data into the system is not only inefficient, but also leads to incorrect data entry. How to quickly and efficiently measure the volume of large pallets and at the same time easily and accurately connect the data to your own warehousing system has become an urgent problem that needs to be solved.


Based on Hua Fuyang’s specific needs and the actual conditions of the warehouse, the GS300 column-type pallet cargo volume measuring all-in-one machine solution was designed. It can help companies obtain pallet volume and weight data quickly and accurately, thereby better managing the storage and transportation of goods and reducing logistics costs. In terms of dimensional measurement, it can be customized according to the measurement range. You can choose to measure the whole pallet or reject pallets. It supports the measurement of regular/irregular pallet goods. It can be used with weighing scales to automatically connect the required data to the enterprise system, and it also has the ability to take photos and evidence. Function.

Advantages of GS300 pallet volume measuring equipment

High-precision measurement: Using advanced measurement technology, the accuracy and reliability of measurement results can be ensured.

Fast measurement: The equipment can complete the measurement of goods in a short time, improving work efficiency.

Automated operation: The equipment can automatically complete the measurement and data output of goods, avoiding the cumbersomeness and errors of manual operation.

Multi-functional integration: The equipment can not only measure the volume and weight of goods, but also measure dimensions, barcodes and other information while taking pictures and archiving them to facilitate customers' data management and processing.

Meaning of cooperation

This time, Huafuyang chose Yifang Technology among many DWS equipment brands, which has further consolidated the market share of GS300. It will also bring many benefits to Huafuyang's logistics business, including improving logistics efficiency, reducing logistics costs, and optimizing Logistics management, etc. If you also have needs in volume measurement, weighing, code scanning, sorting, etc., please contact Yifang Technology to discuss the product solutions that are most suitable for you!


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