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Volume measurement DWS equipment accuracy ±1mm

Writer:Goodscan Time:2024-04-17 16:10

Volume measurement DWS equipment accuracy ±1mm

In manufacturing plants, volume measurement is a critical step, especially for products that vary in size and shape. Accurate volume measurement is not only crucial for product design, warehousing management, and transportation cost calculations, but also directly affects product quality control and customer satisfaction. Therefore, volumetric measuring equipment is vital to manufacturing.

Volume measurement equipment intelligence leads a new revolution in warehousing

Volume measurement equipment (DWS equipment) is a device that integrates volume measurement, weighing, code scanning, and docking functions. It can not only quickly and accurately measure the volume and weight of packages, but also automatically identify the barcode on the package and transmit the information to the logistics management system in real time. This greatly reduces the cost and error of manual operations, providing enterprises with higher work efficiency and more accurate cargo information.

High-precision volume measurement

The volume measurement accuracy of DWS equipment can be as high as 1mm. It supports the measurement of regular/irregular items, the measurement of any material, the measurement of any position, and the measurement of ultra-thin items/small and medium-sized packages/large goods. The measurement range can be customized.

Automatic scanning and weighing

DWS equipment can automatically scan and weigh the measured items, supporting single-sided scanning/multi-sided scanning. The weighing accuracy can be as high as ±1g, and the weighing range can be customized.

Photography and evidence collection, docking system

The photo evidence collection function of DWS equipment can automatically intercept a color physical photo corresponding to the package measurement image as well as barcode and size information when the goods are measured, providing protection for the goods and avoiding disputes. The docking system function can dock all measurement data and images to the enterprise WMS/ERP system to facilitate unified management of the enterprise.

Up to now, smart DWS equipment has been widely used in various industries. The use of these equipment not only improves logistics efficiency and reduces logistics costs, but also optimizes logistics management. If you also have volume measurement, weighing, and code scanning, , sorting, smart warehousing, etc., please contact customer service to discuss the product solutions that are most suitable for you!


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