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Yifang Technology has won the bid for SHEIN Logistics DWS Equipment Project for many years

Writer:Goodscan Time:2024-06-20 10:59

Yifang Technology has won the bid for SHEIN Logistics DWS Equipment Project for many years

Recently, in the fierce market competition, Yifang Technology has won the bid for SHEIN's "Logistics DWS Equipment" again with its excellent technical strength, high-quality service guarantee, rich customer experience and honest business philosophy. This milestone cooperation is not only a double recognition of Yifang's technical strength and service quality, but also another brilliant chapter in Yifang Technology's technological development history.

Introduction to Xiyin

Shein, Chinese name Xiyin, is a Chinese cross-border e-commerce giant and an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce company. It provides rich and cost-effective fashion products to consumers around the world. It currently directly serves consumers in more than 150 countries and regions and is committed to letting "everyone enjoy the beauty of fashion." It mainly deals in women's clothing, but also provides men's clothing, children's clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and other fashion products.

On April 9, 2024, Xiyin from Guangzhou was selected into the "2024 Hurun Global Unicorn List" with a corporate valuation of 460 billion yuan, ranking fifth in the world and first in Guangdong.

In May 2024, SHEIN ranked third in the United States, after Amazon and Walmart. SHEIN is also the only Chinese company among the top five online fashion retailers in the United States.

Project Requirements

With the continuous growth of business volume, the operational efficiency of warehouses is also in urgent need of improvement. In the process of goods out of the warehouse, it is necessary to collect information such as the volume, weight and barcode of the package, and use this as the basis for calculating the freight, and connect all data to the system for storage, and take photos for evidence to ensure that the goods out of the warehouse can be traced and avoid size and freight disputes. To this end, Xiyin compared and screened major DWS equipment suppliers through public bidding to seek the most suitable logistics DWS equipment.


Based on the actual situation and specific needs of Xiyin's warehouse, the Yifang Technology team designed the static DWS-GS210Y dual-lens volume measurement and dynamic DWS-GM210 solutions, which can accurately measure the convex hull, measure the volume + weigh + scan the code + take photos + data docking in one step, which can not only ensure the accuracy of the measurement data, but also improve the efficiency of warehouse operation, and greatly optimize the entire cargo handling process.

GS210Y dual-lens product parameters

Measuring range: 5*5*5-70*70*70cm

Measuring accuracy: millimeter level

Weighing range: 100kg

Weighing accuracy: 1-10g

Measuring speed: 1 second/piece

Data connection: any system

GM210 product parameters

Measuring range: 10*3*0.5-180*90*90cm

Measuring accuracy: 1mm

Weighing range: 60kg

Weighing accuracy: 1-10g

Measuring speed: 1 second/piece

Data connection: any system

Sorting: personalized customization

This second bid not only proves Yifang Technology's leading position in the field of logistics equipment, but also will be an important step for Yifang Technology and SHEIN to move towards a new era of intelligent logistics. The two parties will work together to promote the intelligent and efficient development of the logistics industry. Here, we sincerely thank SHEIN for its trust and support for Yifang Technology. If you also have needs in terms of volume measurement, weighing, code scanning, etc., please contact customer service to discuss the most suitable product solution for you!


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