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Why use static dimensioning weighing scanning DWS equipment

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-05-11 15:34

DWS barcode scanning and weighing machine is a fully automatic system that integrates weighing, volume measurement, barcode scanning, and cargo information processing. The system adopts laser scanning, static scale and industrial code reading technology to achieve the requirements of weighing, counting and code reading. The weight, volume and barcode data of the goods can be obtained in a timely and accurate manner and uploaded in real time.

The information collection process is completed in the traditional way: generally, one person is responsible for placing the goods on the volume scale, one person holds the tape measure to manually collect the volume of the goods, and one person is also responsible for recording the weight and length, width and height data, and inputting the collected data into The internal management system, after such a set of operations, even if they are skilled workers, it will take at least 30s to complete the information collection. Disadvantages: manual measurement, large error; for irregular and ultra-thin goods, measurement is difficult; manual data entry into the system is prone to errors; it takes at least 30s, which is a long time; if it is in the peak logistics period, it is easy to cause warehouse explosion , loss of goods, missing packages and other problems, and even need to hire another "temporary worker”.


Collection process of automatic weighing equipment: If it is a static measuring equipment, one person is required to place the goods on the measuring table of the automatic weighing equipment. The equipment can automatically barcode the equipment, collect the volume and weight information of the goods, and complete the data in real time. Docking to internal WMS/ERP system. Taking Yifang Technology GS210Y as an example, after placing the goods on the measuring table, it takes 1.5s to complete the collection of volume and weight information, and the data is connected to the internal system of the enterprise.


Advantages of Yifang Technology's automatic weighing equipment: automatic data collection, short time-consuming; zero intervention in the whole process, saving labor; data docking system, low error rate; high measurement accuracy, which can be accurate to the millimeter level; can measure regular/irregular Cargo volume weight.


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