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Yifang technology was successfully elected as the governing unit of Guangzhou logistics technology and Application Association

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-09-06 15:22

  Yifang technology was successfully elected as the governing unit of Guangzhou logistics technology and Application Association

  On August 26, 2022, the second general meeting of Guangzhou logistics technology and Application Association was successfully held in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou China Import and export commodities fair. In line with the principle of fairness and justice, the election was conducted by the association's enterprises in the form of "one enterprise, one vote". Shenzhen Yifang Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected as the association's governing unit with outstanding achievements.

  Founded in 2017, Guangzhou logistics technology and Application Association is a social organization with the fundamental purpose of serving member units, intelligent manufacturing - intelligent logistics technology and application enterprises, and the responsibility of promoting the development of high-tech intelligent manufacturing - intelligent logistics industry. The association is committed to the construction of industry standard system, talent training, industry exhibitions, brand conferences, international exchanges and organization, and promotes the construction of modern logistics system.

  The election of the association's governing unit this time is not only the association's members' high recognition of the influence, contribution and comprehensive strength of foreign science and technology brands, but also a new beginning of joint construction, sharing and cooperation among enterprises.

  Yifang technology is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of cargo volume measurement. With its long-term technical accumulation and R & D investment, it has accumulated nearly 80 patents and soft books. The goodscan series volume measurement equipment developed by itself provides the industry with efficient intelligent logistics solutions and is known as the industry's leading volume measurement and calculation expert.

  Goodscan volume measurement equipment is suitable for logistics, warehousing, e-commerce, shopping malls and other fields. Some usage scenarios are shown below:

  Gs210y - static measurement

  Gs210y is a static weighing and code scanning all-in-one machine with a lifting rod to adjust the measurement range. It supports the measurement of regular / irregular / soft / convex goods, manual delivery to the measurement table, one key collection of volume, weight, barcode and other information, and synchronous data docking system. It can be exported and viewed at any time.

  The above video is the gs210y volume measurement DWS, which is a manual delivery measurement. It can measure a variety of sizes and types of goods. Data can be obtained with one click, accurate and efficient.

  Gm200pro - dynamic light curtain measurement

  Gm200pro volume measurement DWS adopts light curtain measurement technology. The equipment is composed of two pairs of light curtain, code scanning lens, roller scale, belt line and industrial computer. It only takes 1s to realize the functions of "measuring square + weighing + code scanning + photographing + input". It can achieve high-speed dynamic measurement with an efficiency of 3000 pieces / hour.

  The above video is for the manufacturing enterprise to use GM200 dynamic light curtain measuring equipment to connect with the belt line for automatic transmission, one key collection of goods data, high accuracy ± 1mm, and realize synchronous sharing of data with the WMS system of the docking enterprise.

  Gs300max - full pallet measurement of large cargo

  Gs300max is a volume measurement system specially developed for large cargo. It has a matrix frame installation structure, multi lens joint measurement, can measure the whole pallet / without pallet, supports docking AGV trolleys, full-automatic cargo data collection, high accuracy, efficiency and speed, and is suitable for large-scale logistics, warehousing and other scenes.

  The video shows the logistics enterprise pallet large cargo docking AGV automatic forklift, which cooperates with the gs300max equipment of Yifang technology to achieve accurate data collection and replace manual and efficient operations.

  Not forgetting the original intention and forging ahead, Yifang technology will continue to increase R & D investment, bring more efficient logistics solutions to the industry, help enterprises reduce employment costs, improve operation efficiency and achieve economic benefits.


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