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Multi side scanning, square weighing equipment, different technology, DWS takes the lead

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-11-08 11:03

  Multi side scanning, square weighing equipment, different technology, DWS takes the lead

  Industry pain points

  In order to realize rapid unloading, the logistics industry usually adopts the method of simultaneous handling and unloading by multiple people. The traditional code reading system can only read the code from a single top surface, so a large number of people need to manually adjust the package placement when the package is unloaded to the conveyor belt, and fix the single face up to avoid the single barcode can not be scanned and read. In addition, the package shape is irregular, the label position is not fixed and cannot be fixed, resulting in low recognition rate of single top reading system, which seriously affects the operation efficiency.


  In view of the above industry pain points, the multi-faceted scanning system was born in response to the situation, which can shoot packages from multiple angles, perfectly meeting the market demand of omni-directional single reading, irregular single reading and efficient single reading.

  As a leading supplier of DWS (volume measurement, weighing, scanning) solutions, Yifang Technology has developed and designed a DWS solution of automatic five side scanning equipment+high-speed dynamic weighing volume measurement all-in-one machine according to the needs of the industry. No matter how the goods are placed, they can automatically scan the code, greatly improving the speed of unloading and warehousing, and can also quickly and accurately weigh and measure the volume in a dynamic state. The weighing accuracy is ± 20g, the volume measurement accuracy is ± 1mm, and the processing efficiency can reach 3000 packages/hour. At the same time, it supports the docking of data systems and simple docking of assembly line equipment such as sorters, which greatly optimizes the entire cargo processing process.

  In addition, based on the scheme design ability and excellent technical support of foreign technology professionals, the five side scanning scheme can be flexibly extended and applied according to customer needs:

  Six side code reading, side code reading, etc. According to the number of different surface sheets and different code reading methods, other multi surface scanning schemes such as three side scanning and six side scanning can be designed, and the scanning position is not limited to the top, so as to solve the industry problems of uncertain barcode orientation, low overall code reading rate and difficult traceability when collecting package information.

  Combined with DWS system. The multi-faceted scanning equipment of Yifang Technology can be combined with the DWS products of Yifang Technology or your DWS system to quickly collect, bind and integrate the three basic information of package barcode, weight and volume.

  Automatic sorting system. Combined with the sorter, it can easily realize the rapid, accurate and efficient parcel sorting requirements of the logistics transit center, form the assembly line operation mode, reduce a lot of manual work, and make the workflow more efficient, intelligent and convenient.

  classic case

  At present, the high-speed and high-precision five sided scanning DWS measurement scheme of Yifang Technology has been put into use in many enterprise warehouses and has received many favorable comments. In the same industry, the market share of the five sided scanning DWS scheme of Yifang Technology is far ahead!

  Under the background of increasingly fierce competition in the industry market, the application of information and intelligent technology will play a key role in reducing costs and increasing efficiency, improving service quality, and ensuring the company's core market competitiveness. If you also need volume measurement, scanning, weighing and other aspects, welcome to contact foreign technology to provide you with customized product solutions!


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