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The weighing and scanning integrated machine is more convenient for package delivery and warehousing

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-11-15 16:10

  The weighing and scanning integrated machine is more convenient for package delivery and warehousing

  The Double 11 has come to an end. How about the turnover this year? Has the express delivery speed increased? It is understood that with the application of intelligent and digital technology, logistics pre warehouse has been widely spread, and the timeliness of express transportation has been further guaranteed.

  As usual, this year's Double 11 Festival has two peaks: the first is three days before the opening of the Double 11 Festival, and the second is the day of the Double 11 Festival. However, with the comprehensive support of all channels, the overall logistics speed has not been greatly affected, and consumers can complete the receipt of goods in a relatively short time.

  Methods and measures:

  In order to meet this wave of logistics peak, major logistics enterprises not only increased the allocation of employees, venues, vehicles and other transport capacity, but also made technical updates in the digital and intelligent aspects to improve the efficiency of express transportation and optimize the user experience.

  Taking Shentong as an example, we expanded the coverage of pre-sale services from key cities to the whole network, but the logistics efficiency still maintained 95% of the current/next day arrival rate.

  Yuantong has also strengthened the integration of warehouse and distribution in many centralized transportation centers across the country, helping merchants achieve "customization" and "differentiation" of express delivery and transshipment, and improving the timeliness of delivery.

  Shunfeng allocates personnel and vehicles according to big data, strengthens cooperation with Shunfeng in the same city, and upgrades customization in the same city to real-time delivery; Upgrade from single product to comprehensive product to meet consumers' demand for timeliness.

  As a smart logistics solution provider, foreign technology has unique solutions:

  Through self-developed Goodscan series volume measurement DWS equipment, the size, volume, weight and barcode information of e-commerce logistics packages can be quickly collected, making warehousing and outbound more efficient. The sorting system can be connected, goods can be reasonably classified, and the best transport scheme can be selected, which can not only save operating costs, but also improve transport efficiency.

  Goodscan weighing and scanning DWS equipment can be divided into mobile handheld pda, static/dynamic and bulk cargo measurement equipment for selection, which can meet the needs of various measurement scenarios in most industries, and is favored by many enterprises for its high measurement accuracy, stable operation, cost-effective and other advantages.

  If you also encounter similar problems and want to improve the efficiency of logistics operations and optimize operating costs, automated volume measurement DWS equipment may be a good choice.


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