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GS300 Pro can easily cope with the volume measurement of large pallets and scan codes

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-12-06 14:06

  GS300 Pro can easily cope with the volume measurement of large pallets and scan codes

  In logistics transportation, in order to facilitate loading and unloading, reduce cargo damage, improve packing efficiency, and save logistics costs, many e-commerce logistics companies will pack small bulk goods into pallets.

  Put the items on the tray, fix them with glue strips, and wrap them around with stretch film. In this way, the operation of palletizing is completed. In daily life, the pallet is also called the pallet, so in the actual operation process, some What precautions?

  1) The bulk cargo on the pallet must have a label with the label facing outward, so that the label of each cargo can be scanned from the outside to obtain the cargo information.

  2) The bayonet of the tray should face outwards to cooperate with other automation equipment for handling.

  3) When stacking goods, the edge should not exceed the edge of the pallet, and the size of the pallet should be selected correctly.

  4) The goods are stacked from heavy to light, with heavy goods at the bottom of the pallet

  5) The pallet should be complete, do not use damaged or unstable pallets

  6) In the final step, wrap the carton with stretch film to ensure that the stretch film completely wraps the goods, so as to ensure that the goods are stable and will not fall during transportation.

  After palletizing, it is necessary to collect the size, volume and weight of the entire pallet, and enter it into the system to calculate the freight, mainly through:

  Method 1: Manually draw the ruler to measure the size, calculate the volume, obtain the weight information through the AGV forklift or the weighbridge, and finally enter it into the enterprise ERP management system.

  Method 2: Through DWS equipment, multiple lenses are used to measure directly above the goods on the pallet, and the size and volume can be measured and calculated through the 3D camera combined with the algorithm; the label of the goods can be identified through the scanning lens; the data can be directly connected through the port to the enterprise ERP system.

  Pallet volume measurement-GS300 Pro

  Goodscan300Pro can effectively improve the measurement speed and accuracy of measuring cubes, and can also measure the weight of objects, and complete measuring cubes, weighing, code scanning, input, and calculation in one step; it adopts a multi-sensor matrix overhead design, which is convenient for installation and maintenance of equipment, and can be used according to Customize the measurement plan according to the site conditions, which helps to measure the volume and weight of any size and transportation application more quickly and accurately; use powerful 3D camera technology and powerful algorithms to provide a more flexible and efficient volume measurement solution for product measurement, Helps easily cope with today's busy transportation needs.


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