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Is it better to use volume scales or DWS equipment for express parcel volume weighing

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-12-20 15:35

  Is it better to use volume scales or DWS equipment for express parcel volume weighing?

  Volume scales are also called volume scales. As the name implies, they are scales used to measure volume. Usually, the scales we talk about are used to measure weight. So is there any difference between volume scales and ordinary scales? How to use it?

  The volume scale is mainly used to measure the size, volume and weight of the goods. The specific usage method is as follows:

  Manually put the goods on the measuring platform of the volume scale, read the length, width and height to calculate the volume, then use the "scale" to obtain the weight information of the goods, and finally enter the obtained data into the registration system manually.

  Traditional scales can only be used for weighing to obtain the weight information of the goods.

  Volume scales are often used in some traditional logistics companies to measure the volume and weight of goods, and then calculate the freight by calculating the bubble ratio.

  When the volume of goods increases, it is necessary to increase the number of manpower. This increases the cost of employment of the enterprise, and there are also large errors in the measurement accuracy and accuracy. It is difficult to meet the needs of daily business operations. At this time, the automated package volume measurement DWS It came into being.

  Goodscan volume measurement DWS equipment, using 3D vision and light curtain measurement technology, can accurately collect the size, volume, weight and barcode information of regular/irregular express parcels, with an accuracy of ±1mm, and an efficiency of up to 3000 pieces per hour. It supports docking lines and sorting machine, sealing machine, labeling machine and other equipment, complete a full set of operations in one stop.

  Equipment advantages:

  Regular/irregular/soft bags can be measured, with an accuracy of ±1mm;

  High measurement efficiency, 1s/piece, comprehensive 3000 pieces/hour;

  Fully automatic data collection, less manual intervention and lower costs;

  The data is automatically connected to the enterprise ERP system, and the error rate is reduced;

  The emergence of automatic package volume measurement DWS equipment allows e-commerce logistics and warehousing related companies to efficiently collect cargo information, automate operations, reduce dependence on labor, reduce labor costs, and optimize and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.


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