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How to Quickly Collect Express Package Data with GM200 Volume Measurement Integrated Machine

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-12-27 19:41

  How to Quickly Collect Express Package Data with GM200 Volume Measurement Integrated Machine

  Customer Background

  The customer is an international logistics enterprise in Shenzhen, mainly engaged in express delivery, air transportation, sea transportation, and import and export customs declaration business. The customers come from all over the world.

  Project status

  There are various types of packages stacked in the customer warehouse. When registering the warehousing data, you need to manually measure the size, volume, weight, barcode and other information of the goods to complete the expense accounting registration; Due to the large number of goods, more labor is required and the cost increases; Manual data collection, large error and low efficiency; Inaccurate labor cost accounting is easy to cause various data errors.


  According to the actual needs of customers on site, we provide customers with a GM200 light curtain volume measurement solution, which supports the measurement of express package data within the size range of 100 * 5 * 5-1800 * 900 * 900mm. The accuracy is ± 1mm, and the efficiency can reach 1500 pieces per hour. It is fully automatic without manual intervention, which not only saves labor costs, but also greatly improves the operating efficiency.

  Project effectiveness

  After the equipment is released, the overstocked goods in the warehouse are quickly disposed, the package information collection is more accurate, the logistics cost is calculated with one click, and the system data connection is automatically completed. More work can be completed without more manpower.

  Goodscan series volume measuring equipment, specially developed for e-commerce logistics, can quickly collect the size, volume, weight, barcode and other information of regular/irregular card udii packages, with high accuracy, efficiency and speed. It can cooperate with the assembly line, support the docking of 40 bayonets for sorting, and help logistics enterprises to operate efficiently and automatically.

  If you are also worried about the data collection of express packages and face the problem of difficult recruitment and high labor costs, you may want to know more about the logistics DWS equipment and the express package volume measurement all-in-one machine. Welcome to exchange and cooperate with each other.


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