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Why DWS equipment should be selected for logistics parcel information collection

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-01-06 11:27

  Why DWS equipment should be selected for logistics parcel information collection

  Logistics DWS equipment is an automatic data acquisition equipment that integrates the functions of measuring, weighing, scanning and photographing, and is mainly used in the field of e-commerce logistics package information collection.

  The traditional package data collection is mainly to measure the size of goods, weigh and read the code through manual ruler, and finally manually register the obtained goods information in the enterprise ERP system.

  Disadvantages: the measurement data is inaccurate and the error is large; The program is complex and time-consuming; It is difficult to measure the size and volume of irregular goods; Manual data entry is prone to error and inefficient.

  The appearance of logistics DWS equipment has solved the problem of traditional manual operation, with obvious advantages:

  Measuring square+weighing+scanning code+taking pictures+docking, one click completion

  Data accuracy, accuracy ± 1mm

  Efficiency improvement, up to 3000 pieces/hour

  Regular/irregular goods can be measured

  The data is automatically connected to the enterprise ERP system and can be exported locally for viewing

  At present, logistics DWS equipment is widely used in logistics, warehousing, e-commerce and other fields to help enterprises quickly collect information such as the volume and weight of express goods, which not only saves labor costs, but also improves operational efficiency. Enterprises are accelerating their transformation and upgrading to automation to achieve the goal of cost reduction and efficiency increase.

  If your enterprise is also troubled by package data collection at the moment, you can have in-depth exchanges in the background and look forward to mutual cooperation.


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