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How to measure the volume and weight of the parcel Yifang Technology DWS equipment works efficiently

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-01-11 15:53

  How to measure the volume and weight of the parcel Yifang Technology DWS equipment works efficiently

  What are the common soft packages? In garment manufacturing enterprises, after the garment is bagged, it forms a soft bag? In supermarkets, you can often see some soft package products.

  When the soft-packed goods are in and out of the warehouse, it is necessary to identify the barcode that comes with it, collect the size and weight information, and then register it in and out of the warehouse to achieve efficient management of the goods.

  How does it work? The traditional method is to manually identify the barcode information of the goods through a code scanning gun, then manually measure the package size, weight and other information, and then register it in the enterprise ERP management system.

  Disadvantages: The procedure is complicated and time-consuming; the soft bag measurement is difficult and the data is inaccurate; manual data entry is prone to errors.

  Goodscan series volume measurement DWS, specially developed for cargo volume measurement, has a professional solution for soft package cargo data collection:

  GS210Y is a static volume measurement DWS, designed with a lifting rod, which can collect cargo information within the range of 5-80cm, and supports the measurement of soft bags, convex bags and other goods with an accuracy of ±1mm.

  GM200 series is a newly developed dynamic light curtain volume measurement DWS equipment. It adopts double light curtain design and can measure regular/irregular/soft bag/convex goods with an accuracy of ±1mm; it supports docking with belt lines, assembly lines and sorters with high efficiency. Up to 3000 pieces/hour.

  In addition to the above volume measurement DWS equipment, there are also targeted solutions for large-scale goods, such as pallets and boards: GS300 series, using gantry/wall-mounted installation, multi-lens joint measurement, the measurement error can be controlled within ±1 %, which can meet the cargo data collection needs of most enterprises.

  If you also have data collection needs and need to obtain information such as the size, volume and weight of the goods, the Goodscan series volume measurement equipment is very suitable. If you want to know more about the volume measurement DWS information, you can communicate with each other in the background.


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