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Yifang Technology GM200 volume measurement length, width and height ± 1mm

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-03-21 16:00

  Yifang Technology GM200 volume measurement length, width and height ± 1mm

  With the rapid development of my country's logistics industry, the flow of goods is more frequent, and the volume of logistics is also increasing. The measurement of cargo size has also become the focus of logistics enterprises. Logistics size measurement plays an important role in improving the efficiency of cargo sorting, packaging, sorting and reducing loss. In the past, in the logistics industry, dimension measurement was mainly done manually. With the rapid development of enterprises, labor costs are rising year by year. In order to improve production efficiency, shorten delivery time, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market, the introduction of automated measuring equipment has become an inevitable trend.

  In traditional logistics, the efficiency of manual measurement in measuring size data is low, the cost is high, and it needs to be detected in a static state. In view of the problems existing in manual detection and the needs of measurement, infrared measurement light curtains have been widely used to measure package size. At present Domestic logistics uses infrared measuring equipment to detect the volume of packages.

  Measuring light curtain light is mainly composed of two parts: an emitter and a light receiver. The emitter emits some infrared light, which is received by the light receiver to form a light curtain system. When an object passes through the sensing area between the light emitter and the light receiver, the target object will block a part of the light so that it cannot reach the corresponding light receiving device, and the size information of the detected and measured workpiece is calculated by whether the light beam is blocked. The PTM measurement light curtain can be used for long-distance, non-contact, easy to use, easy to install and random response time, with an accuracy of ±1 mm, and real-time dynamic display of the values of length, width and height. This project solves the problems of low efficiency, high error rate and slow speed of manual detection. Choosing to use the measurement light curtain to measure the size information of the object can improve the competitiveness and production efficiency of the enterprise.

  Measuring light curtains choose three sets of infrared cross-beam measuring light curtains for different usage situations on the logistics equipment, and fix them on the gantry (installed up and down to measure width, left and right to measure height) and both sides of the assembly line (left and right installation side length) ), to realize the measurement of length, width and height. In recent years, it has been widely used in the logistics express industry. Because of the relatively high cost of freight for domestic logistics, the precision of 10mm is generally used. For international logistics, because of the high transportation cost, the precision is generally chosen to measure the length, width and height of 1mm/2mm.

  With the continuous optimization and improvement of the measurement light curtain and its application, the online size measurement equipment can be matched with various types of roller wires. Customized functions such as measuring length, width, height, volume, weight, and data storage.

  At present, infrared light curtain measurement technology has been widely used in various industries, such as automobile industry, logistics industry, strip industry, sports industry, etc., which is of great significance to the automation of these industries. Let's explore higher precision and faster response time together, and apply it in more industries.


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