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Light curtain volume measurement + static volume weighing Yifang Technology DWS equipment helps Pinduoduo

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-04-04 10:23

  Light curtain volume measurement + static volume weighing Yifang Technology DWS equipment helps Pinduoduo

  Customer Profile

  As the pioneer of new e-commerce, Pinduoduo is committed to integrating entertainment and social elements into e-commerce operations. Through the "social + e-commerce" model, more users can share benefits with fun and enjoy a new shared shopping experience. .

  project requirements

  Pinduoduo always takes "customer first, integrity first" as its service tenet, takes fast, accurate, safe, considerate and innovative as its service concept, and is committed to providing customers with better services, more favorable prices and faster channels . In unloading and warehousing, collecting package volume, weight, barcode and other information, and connecting the information to the system, the previous manual operation method is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and there are inevitable errors in manual measurement data readings, which may easily cause size disputes , requiring multiple rechecks. Therefore, there is an urgent need for more intelligent parcel warehousing operations to improve the speed of warehouse unloading and warehousing and the accuracy of parcel data information, so as to provide customers with faster and better services.


  According to the specific needs of Pinduoduo's warehouse, Yifang technology team designed the DWS solution of light curtain volume measurement GM200 + static square weighing GS210Y, which greatly improved the speed of unloading and warehousing of parcels. The high-speed dynamic weighing and volume measuring all-in-one machine can quickly and accurately perform weighing and volume measurement in a dynamic state. The weighing accuracy is ±10g, the volume measurement accuracy is ±1mm, and the processing efficiency can reach 3000 packages/hour. It is easy and convenient to dock The sorting machine performs assembly line operations. In addition, it also has the functions of automatic camera and data docking system, which greatly optimizes the entire cargo handling process.

  client feedback

  Pinduoduo is committed to continuously improving its service level, building an influential brand in the industry, and winning the trust of customers with its good reputation and high-quality service. After using the DWS equipment solution of Yifang Technology, the scanning code, weighing, volume measurement, photographing and data entry system of the package are intelligently integrated, and there is no need to manually turn the package over to ensure that the barcode can be successfully scanned, which greatly shortens the unloading time. The time spent in the warehouse not only reduces a lot of labor costs, but also improves the operational efficiency and intelligent service level of the warehouse.

  Significance of cooperation

  Yifang Technology's DWS measurement solution market share has always been far ahead. The cooperation with Pinduoduo this time is also a high recognition of customers for Yifang Technology's technical strength and service level. Customer recognition and trust is the inexhaustible driving force for progress. In the future, Yifang Technology will not forget its original intention, focus on products, and devote itself to providing more high-quality products and services for cross-border e-commerce logistics, creating more value for customers !


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