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Yifang Technology won the bid for the static DWS project of SF Express, and quickly completed the weighing, scanning code and taking pictures

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-04-11 17:25

  Yifang Technology won the bid for the static DWS project of SF Express, and quickly completed the weighing, scanning code and taking pictures

  good news

  In the static DWS bidding project of SF Express Group, Yifang Technology defeated other suppliers and successfully won the bid. This is another important project after orders from well-known companies such as Huawei, VIVO, JD.com, and Jitu.

  Company Introduction

  S.F. Express Group is a leading comprehensive express logistics service provider in China and the fourth largest express delivery company in the world. It mainly operates domestic and international express delivery, customs declaration, inspection declaration, insurance and other businesses, providing customers with integrated services throughout procurement, production, distribution, sales and after-sales supply chain solutions.

  Enterprise status

  In the customer's regional logistics center, it is necessary to collect information such as the length, width, height, weight, and barcode of the goods to complete the warehousing registration. Under the current manual operation mode, there are some problems:

  The accuracy of data collection is low, and there are errors in cost accounting;

  The operation efficiency is low, and it is easy to cause a backlog of goods;

  The cost of employment increases, and the operating cost of the enterprise rises;

  In order to better serve customers and optimize operating costs, customers sought solutions through public bidding, and Yifang Technology successfully won the bid after several rounds of fierce competition.


  According to the site conditions and customer needs, we provide the GS210Y static data collection DWS solution, and it will be delivered in the near future:

  GS210Y is a data acquisition solution for small and medium goods specially provided for logistics and warehousing. It can measure small goods with a minimum size of 5×5×5cm and medium goods with a maximum size of 80×80×80cm; with 3D visual measurement solution, regular/irregular goods can be measured It can be measured, the best measurement accuracy is ±5mm, and the weighing accuracy is ±0.01kg; one step completes the steps of measuring, weighing, scanning, taking pictures, and recording, and supports taking pictures for archiving. Provide intelligent logistics solutions.

  Significance of cooperation

  The winning of the bid for the volume measurement DWS project of SF Express is a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation:

  For customers, through the deployment of volume measurement DWS equipment, the data collection of goods in the logistics center will be more accurate and efficient, more work can be done with less labor, the work efficiency will be further improved, and the economic benefits of the enterprise will also be optimized.

  For Yifang Technology, it reflects our company's comprehensive competitiveness and market position in the field of cargo volume measurement, and will help further enhance the company's brand influence and core competitiveness in cargo data collection.


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